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bad boy T shaolin monk

Uppin for votes what the fuck you on, dope!
tuck in your clothes bustin your nose did I go wrong Nope!
I can't picture a fag like you pitcure pitching
Lip twisting dick twitching in a bitching prison
You can't leave me bleeding cause you don't know how
Leave me breathing cause you don't flow well
Lungs heavy chase of a chevy
chubby bloody cat screaming SOMEBODY SAVE ME
Arms of stone WTF you the thing ?
Bars of chrome with poisoned tipped darts gonna sting
A sharp see blood but you see your mamas pussy
A baby see's a cookie but you see your mama's pussy
The cash rules we drop a pound of c.r.e.a.m.
BITE THE DUST I didn't know you made a rock band queen
I didn't finish the last 17 bars cause I got a life and didn't have the time
Unlike you with a strap rock of crack knife cause you didn't have a dime
Naturalist flow? you spasticated hoe
Classic bar of a factuated foe
You move it cheap cause you can't cover the expensive
Still spitting in a defensive probly gonna get a bigger percentage
Your so desperate of a hoe kiss that you snatch his tounge
Strap his bum dam you dumb don't worry he'll give you the kiss of death son
Bark and crab ? your darts are fag
Just like JackOfHearts with no darts to brag
Hard nut go get your sabre and light saver
Like Dart vader with darts later than a retard creator
Give me the pillag eenter the village
Like I said I got a life so I can't be bovered to finish
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