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Default my very long review of Digital Bullet----aka Part 2.0 (and 2.5) of the Digi Saga

This is part 2.0 of the Bob Digi Saga that i'm puttin together..

this is the second " Bobby Digital" album and, altho inferior to the first crazy awesome one, this is still a solid album...what's striking about it is that it's a weird eclectic mix of both that hardcore Digital shit (with some all-out whackness sometimes) and the classic sound with looped samples and serious lyrics, and then some deep conscious material at the end to top it off..

i think by this point Bobby Digital was starting to slowly move from the alter-ego superhero of the imaginative-minded Rza to a much more gimmicky character that Rza sort of used to make songs that were more closer to some of the other bullshit pop and club dance music that was beginning to flood hip hop at the time...and that's what kept this album from being as dope as In Stereo was: too many shitty club tracks (2 or 3 is 2 or 3 too many)..

but fortunately we are able to skip songs when listening to a cd so i've always thoroughly enjoyed this album, even while having to skip over a couple really has a weird mix of dope joints and horrible ones...what bothers me a little though is that there were other songs that were INTENDED to be on this album (more on that in a minute) that were not and i think, had they been included n a couple doody ones taken out, this could've been a slightly better record..

the tracks i'm talking about were instead put on The Sting compilation which is a mostly forgotten follow-up to The Swarm and i know this from listening to the Rza as Bobby Digital Interview where he goes over tracks for the Digital Bullet and mentions some of the Sting ones as if they were on this the end of the review i'll post some of the songs that i think would've fit better on here......but, onward.......................

album cover:
another perfect album cover for a Bobby album, i love the color of it and the theme and shit is just....witty-unpredictable..we see Bobby Digital drawn in a weird comicbooky type mode with a phaser gun that seems to be a part of his body now and it's spinning out some weird spinning shapes all over the place and on the back cover these Digital Bullets even blast the tracklisting and spin it upside down (a clever touch i think) ...the inside of the booklet gets even crazier, looking like some shit u would visualize if u were tripping on acid and listening to the first Digi album..there's chicks with sparkling digital lights all over them, we see Bobby in some fuckin weird ass morph mode with blades for arms and a sinister smile....the whole scene is just bugged out and beautifully digital, i love it

(lemme just note somethin that i had to pass along--when i'm rating the tracks, it's not any kind of objective system where u could say "well Triumph is 5 outta 5 so these songs are as good as Triumph??"...nah i'm just giving them ratings out of 5 based on how much i like the song with respect to this particular album..totally subjective--obviously)

01. Show U Love
it opens off with a boingy digital sound that recurs throughout most of the album and then an old superhero radio show with Rza doing the voices and narrating the scene...and after "the kids all felt happ-ehhh" we switch up and Rza starts jammin over the familiar beat from We Made It...i love this joint, always have, the lyrics are sick and Bobby flows smoothly on it..the first verse is one of the better verses on the album and features one of my favorite memorable lines:

"Don't waste ya mind on time, don't chase the blind, don't eat swine
dont play wit loaded nines, DON'T QUOTE WEAK RHYMES"

along with some more Rza jewelz dropped on our heads...Rza once spit this verse on a radio freestyle (link 3:50 in) n it worked sick cuz they were all chattering and trying to get Deck to spit and Deck seemed a little reluctant at first--probly trying to come with a dope verse---so Rza just "interrupted this program to bring a special bulletin" and proceeded to kill shit and bail out his Wu brother..

02. Can't Loose ft Beretta 9
joints like this are why i personally love this album..a simple re-loop of a sample and Rza just flowin hard on all kinds of shit without barely taking a breath and then Beretta 9, the new Rza protege (or tag-along), comes on with a nice followup....the way Rza lets the sample play a little longer on B9's part sounds sick and i wish he woulda flipped it like that more throughout the song cuz it CAN get a little repetitive but i still love the joint...only downer is it's a little short but a song like this can't go on for so long

03. Glocko Pop ft Method Man and Masta Killa
now some real digi-ness just as the caller has requested and then her not-so-enthusiastic "oh my god i love that song" before the glock starts to go most of u probably feel i HATE the chorus on here but the verses are all very strong..Rza's is kinda short but Meth is ill as fuck on it, Masta comes with some totally violent ninja shit right off the bat ("the marvelous bone crushin assassin appears to be blind in glasses/Daredevil bang head with shovel") i love MK, and then Street throws a okay 8-bars with every line rhyming...overall it's not that amazing cuz the beat ain't nothing special and the chorus and other bullshit gets annoying

04. Must Be Bobby
i can remember first hearing this shit on the radio during the summer when this album dropped and i LOVED it...u know how songs just sound better on the radio sometimes? i dono why....this is another one of my favorites on the album, a rare SICK ass Digital beat and the lyrics are ferocious:

"Unchallenged sword I yield, the storm rider
Clip full of ruffle tip, fast-actin long fire
Four-hundred grain cartridge, with steel casin
Those who can't draw the crowds are still tracin"

more songs with a flow, beat, and lyrics like this and this coulda been a classic favorite song on the album

05. Brooklyn Babies ft Masta Killa
again the lyrics are sick from both Rza and the Masta and the beat sorta certainly could've used more verses and less singing (and girl yelling)..i don't love the chorus but it definitely doesn't hinder the song..still a nice joint with a cool up n down tempo to it..
and Rza is hearing all kinds of hatin' from his woman for two songs in a row

06. Domestic Violence Pt. II feat Big Gipp

a disgrace to the crazy unique original Domestic Violence....i hate this joint..the Tony Touch beat is tryin meekly to sound Southern and Rza is just fuckin around instead of screaming like a psycho on the first one....but he still shows all kinds of levels of nastiness...and then Big Gipp gives us a nice taste of the southern rap style..i don't like it too much..
a whack ass attempt at tryin to capture another sound

07. Do U ft Prodigal Sunn, Gza
what a relief this song is after the previous one..another lovely BANGER with a sick beat, this is top notch..Rza just eats this beat up and shits it out i love his verse and flow.."extreme speed on corners like Anakin inside the pod"

and i've always related to the "tall skinny cats with the 4-9 3-11 that rip thru power-U's and break spines" line hahaaa..

a nice P-Sunn appearance but apparently he had to wake himself up at the beginning to hop on a Rza track, that part didn't make sense.....and Gza just slices precise, i love that he's on this album..the Genius!!

08. Fools ft Killa Sin, Solomon Childs
Rza spits a verse similar to the Project Talk one on In Stereo, just throwin some hood mini-stories and shit out, then Killa Sin shows off his smooth ass flow..Rza constantly gives shine to the killa beez on these albums and they rarely dissappoint, i like Solomon Childs on here too.....(dono why he didn't get a listing in the album book)

09. La Rhumba ft Method Man, Killa Sin, Beretta 9
i'm embarrassed that one of my favorite producers put this piece of shit together..such a blatant and lame attempt and tryin to go along with that Latin-sounding rap that started to blow up at the time and is huge now..
the lyrics ain't horrible (Meth kills it and so does Killa Sin) but i can't stand the beat and the whole theme of this shit

10. Black Widow Pt. II ft ODB
this song was just essential on makes up for the other shitty "part 2" song on here and it's just dark, nasty, and funny at the same time...i LOVE the beat, i remember hearing somebody freestyle over it on a Future Flavaz session before i even heard this album and when i first heard this song i was like "yes!"..

the dialog between Dirty and this chick that he's picking up is hilarious....i was watchin a few minutes from a Chris Rock stand-up show the other night and one of the first things he was sayin was he was talkin about his new baby daughter and he said "my job is to keep her off the pole" for when she gets older...this song makes me think that a dad's job is to make sure your daughter doesn't grow up to fuck Ol Dirty Bastard.."Bitch get the fuck in the car!!"

the little skit in between reminds of the beginning of Maria when they're talking to what i assume is a slutty bangin chick or somethin..and B9 saying "sweat just glisten all over your bawwww-day" makes me laugh every time i hear it

11. Shady feat Beretta 9, Intrigue
some of that NASTY-ass Bobby pussy-talk that not many in the music industry can match...i don't like this song that much but it's so catchy it stays in your head and u never can skip it..Bobby's lyrics are worth a listen and B9 gives a nice little verse too

when i hear these songs with girl singers in them i imagine like the younh girl's family getting all excited that she finally got a break and she's on this big rapper's album and then her grandma comes over and the nieces and nephew n everyone and they put the song on and they hear Rza sayin all this crazy pussy talk and it's gotta be a hilarious scene..
4/5 (and i can't believe i'm giving it that)

12. Break Bread ft Jamie *******
don't like the beat and Jamie ******* sucks but Rza is crazy lyrically on here..
"Explicit lyrical orgy, u bitches smell like dead porky ho" besides Rza's verse this song really sucks but he's just too wildly good on here...and its funny that he says "treat her like my daughter" and all that about ******* when he's got a kid with her..

for a not-so-good beat he really lets it play too much in the end

13. Bong Bong ft B9 and Cez
this song is just's hard to believe that there's a song like this and then also a song like Build Strong on the same album cuz they completely contradict each other...but Rza was tryin to explain on the Interview (mentioned above) how he had a little fun as Bobby on the album before going into conscious mode in the end..

14. Throw Your Flag Up ft Black Knights

nothin special altho i do really like the beat....a nice slow calm familiar sample (from one of my fav soul jams..same as Shadowboxing)..i like Rza's verse on here but the Black Knights ain't that crazy i wish Holocaust and Doc Doom would've came onto this one..

15. Be A Man
i know alotta ppl might not like this song and i can understand why but i LOVE this joint....the beat is weird as fuck but somehow it just works great, a great experimental sampled beat by the legendary producer..
and the highlight by far is the lyrics, i love these lyrics and the way he presents them. He just spits line after line over this herky-jerk quick beat and the verse (it's really just one ain't it? maybe two) is nice..songs like this one, Can't Lose, Must Be Bobby are the type of Bobby Digital style songs that i love...when he's just writing crazy shit that's bursting with what i can only think to describe as "culture"..right in between the scientific Rza and the pussy-talk Rza..

my favorite is the end:
"Booby-trapped by the capitalists, tryin to subsist, sometimes happiness is hot grits and catfish
a bowl of Cookie Crisp i got harassed by this rookie bitch
talkin bout i couldn't put my feet, on the fire hydrant
to tie my kicks 50 dollar ticket, bout to strike and picket
Run up in City Hall, motherfuck the wicked and greedy, give to the needy
down on my luck, about to grab a Ouija (wee-jee) board that's when Bobby Digi seen me
he said yo son don't stress out over no one, know the slo-gan
Knowledge is half the battle, that's one to grow on
And don't be counterfeit
it's a bad situation we in just being a man but we got to handle it.."

16. Righteous Way ft Junior Reid
a Jr Reid appearance...this is a good follow-up to the rushed pace of the previous song, a nice chill joint to blaze to..once the high starts to hit u then Rza comes on and spits a late verse (more than 2 mins in) and it's a dope one.....great lyrics, but pretty simple beat and i ain't a huge Jr Reid fan but still a pretty good song..

17. Build Strong feat Tekitha
now this here is a very personal song...i don't just mean it's personal like it's coming from Rza like that but i feel like u can't get into this song until u just zone out onto it and it hits u personally, like the whole thing just appeals to you....and it does to me..i can't always bump when listening to the album but this is a terrific song on many levels..the Wu's official humming bird Tekitha is sweet as a fresh peach and Rza spits a real powerful verse..sounds like some shit he wrote in his diary in rhyme-form when going thru some personal struggles or somethin...

and like i said, it's weird that this song and some of the other retarded shit is featured together on this album cuz on this song he's like regretting and lamenting all that bullshit and trying to rise out of it and maintain some balance to himself..

18. Sickness
the world's greatest mind Bob Digital...a nice funky yet dark ass fuckin beat and Rza seems to let his mind flow all over this one..out of the songs like 12 Jewelz, Sunshower, Tragedy, etc. i'm sure we would all throw this one into that bunch (and i would too) but this is my least favorite out of all those...i don't dislike the song, i LOVE it actually and it's a great one to listen to under an altered-mindstate cuz he just goes off on the lyrics and u might not pay attention to some of what he's saying (and no matter what state you're in, some of the shit just seems to make no sense)....and interestingly he seems to be setting himself and us up for The Cure by closing out the album with a song about "this wicked society" and calling it The Sickness.....maybe that's what i don't like about this song: it seems to be setting up The Cure, but since there is no Cure the song seems a little empty or just like it's missing something..still love it tho

and the album ends there, overall i think somehow (just like deadlymelody said) this album is somehow better than the sum of it's parts..i might not have given the songs on the album real good ratings but for some reason i love throwin this album in, it's just got its own feeling to it..i dono, maybe it's the dope album cover but i love this cd, Rza just put together a nice overall record

lyrics 4/5
beats 3/5


Part 2.5...Extra digi snax

the album that i own, and that i'm sure most of u have, ends at Sickness but this cd also was released with 2 bonus tracks on it so i'll go over those for the sake of completeness

19. Odyssey
you might be familiar with this one from the Formula for the Cure cd...that's where i heard it from (it's also on the Sting bonus cd)..
i hate the slow ass beat on here, it's an attempt at some old Isaac Hayes type shit but it comes off weak and WAY too slow for Bobby to spit over...the first verse is pretty cool actually but the 2nd one just comes across as straight gibberish..

20. Cousins ft Cilvaringz and Doc Gyneco
now this one is a banger..i was actually really surprised to see that this is a Mathematics beat cuz it sounds like its got Bobby Digital all over it..
not understanding anything Doc Gyneco is saying is a little weird of course but then Cilvaringz comes and and kills shit and Rza's boodooboododoododo's on into this joint and kills it too...i love Rza's verse on here and the beat is fuckin crazy, i wish this would've been saved for somethin else not just some extra exclusive bonus track with a foreigner on it...nevertheless: dope

..Left-Over Bullets..

okay now as i mentioned in the beginning there were a couple tracks on The Sting that i think should've been on Digital Bullet and would've made it better....again, these are joints thrown onto a bonus disc of a forgotten killa beez mix cd..

Thirsty ft Beretta 9
it's really short but the beat is sick and wild and yet calm at the same time...i dono, it's a simple one but i love it and B9 comes nicely and then Rza is all over the place..
could've fit nicely as a after-track-track or a little interlude..

the beat is ehhh but i love this song and it shoulda been on the album cuz u hear so many references to his cousin Billy...on the Interview he talks about this song and the Billy character as if it was on the album..
listen to this a couple times cuz Rza gets really imaginative and creative with the lyrics, it's pretty sick and a little funny..could use a better beat tho, but it's Digi

Digi-Electronics ft Doc Doom, Madam Scheez, Timbo King, Shyheim, Force MD's, Free Murda
all right, this one i'll be honest i don't really like it but i'll throw it on here cuz it's another left over from the album..might as well peep it...
Timbo King OWNS this song man..he kills it....everyone else is okay

and since i've already made this thread unbearably long and it's late and i'm tired...why not keep going a little more, shall we?

i had to type this out cuz it's crazy...on that Bobby Digital interview there's some talk about the superhero alter-egos and Rza goes into an unheard verse with some superhero stuff and i thought it was worth checking out:

I heard Doc FX cut their locks cuz P got sprayed in the face wit mace
while Ghostface stomped out the Great Ape
it seems like a job for Spidey i called Inspectah
"Meet me on Wall Street between Cortlandt and Rector"
He showed up as Peter Parker
on a black skyhawk ninja bike, he turned a groupie hair whiter than Bob Barker
..Meanwhile back at headquarters, Johnny Blaze was testin out my new shipment of sonic phasers
Keep our guns on stuns, but blast you if we have to
your bio-chips can't maintain my watts
you ain't snot...

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