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After listening to the Big Doe Rehab and 8 Diagrams for the past few weeks I decided to go back to and really listen to all the Ghosts albums in order. Maybe, it was that I had heard a few of the tracks prior to the release and the album lost its sound on me or maybe it was that I was listening to the same old music. Either way I over looked this album big time!!!!
Evere since I waited for the release of Supreme Clientele to drop over here in Ireland (before the internet became what it is) I used to love the build up to Wu albums release.
Bulletproof Wallets came and didn't dissapoint (that was even before I had heard the left over tracks.)
Pretty Toney, suffered because I had heard Ghost freestyle a few of the tracks prior to its release and by the time I had got the album had most of the tracks,but like Ghost albums a bit of time and the grow into the cohesive classics that become hard to split up to just listen to one song before humming the following tune.
As for Fishscale, in the build up to this album I had lower expectations with the announcement of no Rza beats.In addition to the tracks swarming around the net and every website claiming it to be a banger, by the time I had got the album I had this feeling of being short changed - like going to a movie and being told the ending just minutes before the plots climax.
As a result Fishscale came and went, quickly followed by More Fish which I felt had more of an underground album feel as I had little to no expectations. Gradually with time I began to appreciate More Fish and resent Fishscale as a bloated album which was geared for radio - Be easy, back like that, momma....
Although I've always kept the majority of the album on my i-pod I always found it was an album that I would just stick one song on repeat and forget about the album as a whole.
Anyway, after listening to BDR I've got to admit I went back to check and see if I had missed something along the way........YES!!!!
Shakey Dog no longer had the constant reminder of Ghost rhyming over Rae's beat (Pitbulls.) Kilo's was no longer some Dipset sounding track with a vocal sample. The Champ was no longer an attept to recreate a banger over the most aggressive track on the album and finally 9 milli bros wasn't the nightmare cut and paste track that had sub-consciously triggered my finger to hit the forward button.
Instead the album just flows with emotions and moods to boot, almost as eccentric as Ghost himself. The Doom tracks were no longer some "killer" karaoke but tracks like Clipse Of Doom have changed my opinions on Ghosts recycling of beats.
At the end of the album there was nothing to do but hit play and enjoy again, no longer was it a case of certain tracks being held out on there own, but instead the album has matured into another Ghost classic. 9.5/10
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