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I have resurrected....

Presto! The Prophet will now return to breathe on ya mental/
to free priests in the central levels of these thieves in the temple/
demons and devils, several heathens that creep in the ghettos/
regions unsettled, they mettle wit children who sleep in the meadows/
sink teeth into metal, I bit bullets while preachers grip pulpits/
grit molars as false prophets indulge fullest in religious bullshit/
made love to the black Madonna, went from queen to baby mama/
crazy drama, immaculately conceived a king in sacred armor/
slumbered in vacant parlors, fled across Gaza wit my Father/
came farther into Egypt to see queens on seaships in the harbor/
bloodline descended from the Anakim, defended by the Africans/
later on I pretended I was Saxon so they’d let me in the Vatican/
but I never forgot my Father, upon the altar, I reign in Masada/
rain on my face, my raiment was soakin as I came out the water/
a white dove descended from up above, I caught it wit my glove/
a thunderous voice proclaimed, “This is my son, in whom I love”/
the Baptizer was bewildered, the cornerstone rejected by the builder/
became the necessary piece to keep the temple from the realtors/
who’ll sell they soul to keep they body, shoddy priests and lyricists/
near abysmal crypts in the deepest crevices of the Mayan pyramids/
Zion appearances in the form of prophetic lions attackin tyrannists/
cryin for divine revelation, but devastation dominates these periods/
revealin the mysterious, my fearlessness is unveiled over music/
swimmin out the dreariness, my tears get smeared onto my tunic...
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