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Originally Posted by STYLEMASTERR View Post
man we used to have sleep overs back in elementary and rent these cheesy flicks. they had to be gory but also had to show boobs.

"i spit on your grave" -classic. woman is gang raped in the woods and then gets BRUTAL revenge on them. i'm talkin choppin dicks off, axes to the back, etc

yo...I Spit On Your Grave is fucking brutal...the type of movie i will never forget in my life

Last House On The Left cant hold a candle to ISOYG

some other movies...

Slaughter High
My Bloody Valentine
The Mutilator
He Knows Youre Alone (this was Tom Hanks first movie, back in 1980)
The Burning
Happy Birthday To Me
The Prowler
Dont Go In The House, i can go on and on and on and on. these really are my favorite kind of movies. i acquired a HUGE collection of them when i found this site where you can download pretty much any horror film ever made. get at me in a pm if you wanna know the site, i dont know if its cool to post in here
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