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Originally Posted by Bigot Hitman View Post
I guess i'll show these crabs how to rhyme
Check this demo its PS 1 Jampack
I'll take it back to that unmapped time
Make'in niggas react to my words
Like a "fiend cat" reacts to a "bird"
Move crowds like hitler
Convince a mass anything
Persuasion like a cobra to the fiddler
Or the fiddler to cobra, whatever the atmosphere
Writers don't practice here, i'll rain on'em like
The flood the carried noah's ark
With art like S.King,
Throw Shadows over any spot light
Get yo matches here
I just couldnt catch the flow on this joint Bigot..It's nowhere near as good as the stuff you normally spit bro.

Originally Posted by J.T.S. View Post
Keep the masses on smashes, the wolverine of rap clashes
Rope-a-dope style like Cassius, my figure fours the fastest
Fuckin killer lines here always bring ill ass imagery.

Bust shots while buses passing,
the most thoro thrasher thrashing
Tommy gun packer, witness assasin,
niggas rock flamingo fashions catch bashings
Running wild tactics trampling herbs ya heard the herd reaction
This reminds me of Busta's vocal style on tracks like "C'mon al' my niggaz"
Originally Posted by noel411 View Post

From the land of kangaroos, booze and didgeridoos,

Crews getting loose with a fridge’a cheap brews,
I like the country profiling here,lol

The sky’s a slick blue ‘n a breeze blows from the west,
I sit watching a wave as a spray flows from its crest,
Same here...good use of words.

Now on with a lil freestyle -


five hitter splitter, never quit, spitting shit
I deal all the cards and snatch all the chips
Switchin kits like supes in Ny phones booths
Causing gusts of wind to blow off yer highest roofs

I set the example, with no thought or compassion
Smahin mics of ya dome, then start harrasin
Ya on the phone so ya act like yer not home
Kickin in yer door and set about ya with our chrome

Swords tackle broads, uppercuttin jaws, scrapin boards with claws
Raisin pyramid blocks with abstract pictures that we draw
With keyboard mic swipes all night, we grip it tight
Impervious to any threats that ya might incite

By a long shot is what you've got, and all ya need
We plot over bongs fulled to the top, with skunk weed
Never needin any help, always rhyme with supreme class
Sendin phonies to saturns belt with a shuttle blast up they ass

So we wont be seeing 'em for a while
Some mourn while were crowning a happy head smile
Violate the mic with a verbal projectile
Extreme practices permit us to be exiled

Off the isle we return rejuvinated from the spring
With tropical telescopic optics exposin hotel killer stings
We're the all singing and all dancing mic device kings
A new perception of street life, is what we try to bring

Through yer speaker sets to tear up ya dark projects
We bring education without the need for a mock test
Cos you learn from the lines, specifically tailoured to taste
We dont waste no time so fuck and make haste


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