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Leg For Your Arm Shallah Mullah Gully Brother Smother
Butter Ya Dads Cutter Left Limp Leg Rushin Poo Trflon Crime
Who Steed On Dimes Tossed From Ine Tree Power
Nig Shower Sever Flowers, 44 Angel Steps To Mr Power
In Brooklyn Baby Mother Got Game Sooo Tight, Pain On Mic Time Wipe Smile
Pipi Hittin Bong Pussy 12 Year Old Da Maximum
8 To 9 Is Cool Iam Crackin Em Flower Power Deflower Flour Heads
Thunderfuck Ya Head Cornbread 34 Street Nig Feet Tem Tweet Suite Pete Bog
Fog Smog In Your Log Cypher

What !!!!! What!!!!!! Pipi Hitten Dem Hard Lines Like Shallah Shallah Rae God
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