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One and Only grasshopper

My wrists rocky
I'll knock you out if you try to box me
detrimental to society so they locked me
and threw away the key
now I'm reigning supreme since I broke free
no more choking on a leash
no more being broke because of the lease
Never see me walking around in a fleece jacket
ya'lls sheep never had it
I preach only for those who reach for illmatic
I beheaded and severed your mental
it's too heavy for the average man to understand
what I write with this pencil
they can't hold the world in theres palm
while I got the whole solar system in my arms
jet down hidden wells like ninja warriors who battle well
with wooden weapons guestin from the midwestern destined for heaven
it's a plausible question for mention of ascenion
tension stirs in the air with a kick and a snare
my voice rattles into life in a cypher
hittin with pinpoint darts execute them like a sniper
with venomous fangs snap trap like a viper
then murder your children like I was the pied piper
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