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ok, hows this? tryin improve ryhme structure, another keystyle

a realist, step close enough you can feel it
the pain and anguish, ya scalp, i peel it
why do i sleep? to keep n eye on ya keep
cuz i kicked you out, others home where i dream
as it seems, gats in every body's ryhme scheme
crime sprees, hoping you start crying in ya sleep
drownin the visions out, the slence n doubts
i shut down like taxfree piles of crown (the drink)
blowing like air-pumps, its all fair when i dump
just shitted on you, squared n dumb
ya face, kinda ugly, ya name, ain't lovely
brake wrists to ankles, so don't shove me
clouds of smoke, along with pounds of coke
surronding my dome
tonight, all souls equals choppable
wet dreams, i make every dream possible


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