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hows this key?

playing my hand shuffling the deck
so all is fair, acting tough like critics
till' the slug comes thru the door, thats when you start running
but thats when i start punishing
if you persistant, i'm taking estimates
going in your chamber raping the president
taking the residence by storm
the resins got me wheeling by norm
kicking in the back, crackity crick
need prescriptions now, you happy dick?
uncontrollable winds, juss impossible
licking shots at you like tootsie rolls, like lil kim' i'm impossible
dieing by the rock, guess you had enough
the waters out, guess your finally resting your bluff
hold ya head, the bricks smacking
like broken construction sites, shits cracking
got a grip on the blade
plus ya lips on the blade
so pussy lips, shut yo mouth
slapping shit silly similar to hockey pucks, plow

good night

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