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TSA, what 60's shit u on? u fucks wit the doors? if not, then u need to step ur game up. if so, +1

hall and oates-greatest hits- do u need an explaination...ok...i can't go for that
roni size-new formz -best drum and bass album IMO
radioheads-in rainbows- def the shit right now
curtis mayfield-superfly sndtk- certified pimpery
gil scott heron- give "winter in america" and " we almost lost detroit" a try the dude will have your mind drifting in dreams of revolution
sleepy brown- mr brown- woooo smooth shit
henry mancini- dude just give mr that hugh hefner feeling like i need to slip my silk smoking jacket on.
lauryn hill-miseducation-one of the best soul records evermade
incubus-make yourself-are u kiddin me?
foo fighters-the colour and the shape-it was like kurt's ghost had finally stopped hauting them thru the exorcism of that album.
daft punk-discovery-innovation on wax
cee-lo greene- perfect imperfections- chuuuuch
jamiroquai- space cowboy & travelling without moving- the shit is sonic thc
elvis costello-"psycho" i love this song. its a cover, but the lyrics kill me. "you think i'm psycho don't u momma? i just killed jonny's pup. u think i'm psycho don't momma? u better let them lock me up."
the time- morris day.. that whole prince era sound. classic

i could go on for days.....
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