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order hits from a jail cell, the world ain't well when you see a family with brochures ringin a bell/
im deadly cause i can be, sometimes friendly, thats only cause i know theres no place such as hell/
million different styles in my inventory, one is called predatory, and im a hungry muthafucka, a mans gotta grow/
i challenged an MC he threw his darts too slow, he came too defective, the lines i deflected, sent them right back at him so quick he didn't even know/
clips are unloaded when i enter the room, and its battle all day from sunrises to afternoons/
i come prepared, uzi, 9mm and my niggaz, lick a couple shots to teach these rap goons/
soundwaves flow quicker through solids, so when you hear my shit, it's like your behind a brick wall, the rhymes is too quick/
im cold as ice like lil' fame and billy danze, my tapes'll have you spendin money like spammers playin tricks/

Go to sleep when your tired and wake up at the same time everyday until you'r legs are more flexible for an intense fight with your local mail carrier
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