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serene remedy hold glocks heavily
naw your arm and hide in an anenome
swagger jackers and back packer rappers
think there enough to not be the defender but the attacker
i slap actors or rather actresses
naked tied up throaat slit on the mattresses
psycho vision of a world unseen
undermine the ravine and sit inbetween the seams
of the threads of life no bread im trife
siphon ur fuckin blood with a knife
shes ripe for the picking young and innocent leave her striken
neck bitin' stay shitin raw pitchin
lickin ignant pigeons thinkin
im so drunk drinkin drink to that
or rather kill to that i spit 200 proof you cant get wit dat
spit wit dat hit wit dat and ive got mental problems so i live wit dat

Killbot Beats 2008 NIGGGAAAAAAAAA
Lawrlz Ya Sniffs???

"we laptop nigga, thugs on a computer." -TheShaolinAssassin
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