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horrorcore alias brushed upthe canvas
all hell breaks loose i run rampant
stampin champions fire lifts from the water
holocaustic tendencies sway you father
into insanity kills christianity and haunt your mind
my style shines her features were undefined leave you confined
to a cell delve within the center of the earth
murk turks since the center or my birth
render rappers hurt and unknowing to the flowing
Shadow Goon smack strangers rap danger im back ranger
like texas swing swords wreckless im sexless
impeccable necklace more nike swooshes then a checklist
i dress strange and abstract i back tracks
keep knives in my ass crack
im an adept pain is immune i play tunes
for the toons and they boom for the goons
and i've never picked up a mic in my future
i have no hands i leave humans neutered

Killbot Beats 2008 NIGGGAAAAAAAAA
Lawrlz Ya Sniffs???

"we laptop nigga, thugs on a computer." -TheShaolinAssassin
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