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bowties are cool
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murkoutz shaolin monk

i wear a mirror mask, so when you stare at my grill
you see your own dumb ass, shooting a look to kill
with zeal i peal caps, using syntax as gats
wipe you off the map like where jack shepard is at
dont nap on murky loc, see thats the problem with folks
they take me for a joke so i keep giving them rope
for them to hang themselves with that rah rah they yell
them coons aint really trill, in fact they on the d.l.
lets deal lyrics though, bio-chemical flow
mega, mecha metal, detroit diesel fo sho
iron hide, the insides is all heart and soul
born of fire, forged in steel, after me its broke molds
dump quotes from out the throat with no need to reload
scold villians like children not doing what they told
i show up at shows and head liners hit the road
to promoters dismay but crowds stay like lisa loeb
"abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"
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