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Default Re: Bloods an crips

Originally Posted by Ronin
7, your making yourself look stupid, sorry about your friend, but what about all the innocent people kileld by the mafia? u talk like they WERE a civilised gang, how is money laundering, tourture, drug dealing and murder civilised? sure they were organised but they had large financial backing from big families and even had money during the dpresssion when they got really big, enough to pay off politicians and police groups

like many have stated gangs are security, the people here dont agree with gangs but sometimes thats the only chance of survival, im lucky that i dont live in bad conditions where i could be shot because of turf, but i understand peer pressure and fear makes kids feel like they need to join a gang

its all about protecting yourself
remember, I never said they were civilized, nor do I sypothize with the mafia. People need to start actually reading what I say, don't ass-u-me shit aight? Gets shits twisted.

Only thing i said was at least the mafia gives to the community, which it does.

Stupid street gangs/mafia no matter the reason its a stupid way of life. I don't give a fuck if you're poor, scared of being killed, confused, young, retarded, cracked out, NO MATTER WHAT THE REASON IS, crime isn't the way to go.

Case fuckin Closed
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