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yes the movie is a steaming load of buffalo diarreah.

here watch the massacre of all historical records for yourself.

part 1


okay in 10,000 BC , there's this weird tribe of polynesians that live in some frozen mountain range and hunts mammoths.(don't ask)

one day cold winter day, they get raided and kidnapped by arabs on horseback. the cavemen called them "4legged demons"

4 men follow the tracks in order try to get their people back. the main hero's sole motivation is the "chosen girl born with blue eyes" whom he loves.

anyway they walk from the mountains to a jungle ,thru the jungle, to the grasslands of africa..... now they meet all these african tribes and and the africans decide this caveman is the chosen one who will set their people free.

so this caveman leads an army of africans thru the desert to egypt where the pyramids are being built with african, caveman, and other random slaves. and WOOLY MAMMOTHS? WTF?!?!
all the egyptians were arab. exept the pharoh, who is shrouded the whole movie until the end when he is revealed. i was hoping for a big payoff like "OH SHIT ITS AN ALIEN !!!" but hell no it's a fuckin Aryan White Man !!!!


this ain't even worth me formatting my text for the pretty colors...

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