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It's silly to believe that the stars arrange themselves with any consideration for people or that people develop personality traits with any consideration for the stars. The way astrology works is that it lists all sorts of ambiguities and abstract language that anyone can find what they are looking for in it. Humans by our very nature have a tendency to take in evidence of what we want to be true and ignore everything to the contrary, hence why people find all sorts of bullshit significances for certain number patterns. Calling astrology a "science" is has nothing to do with the scientific method. Like most superstitions and pseudo-sciences, it works on the principle of claiming to already have answers divined from some higher power whereas ACTUAL SCIENCE operates on the premise of asking questions and TRYING TO DISPROVE theories until they withstand our best testing.

And just cause something is old, doesn't make it better or wiser. Slavery, monarchy, blood feuds, infanticide, human sacrifice, and believing the earth is the center of the universe are all old things too.
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