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Prince Rai
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Default Re: Just a Poem.......

peace queen..

i do a lot of poetry.... this is a random one is finished a week ago...
btw.. i remember >>staytru<< writing a lot of poems 2

Like a flower rooting itself towards the sun, I let my heart grow towards you my dear.

You make life worth living, indeed you season it with more fun.

You give my life a reason, let me carry on succeeding.

Such power you possess, which you use to positively caress my heart and mind. You keep me from becoming blind, you open my eyes, for me to see that love exists.

Like love should have a fire, I engender my desire towards you my dear. Time seeds certain obstacles, over which I will safely leap. As a prize it will be the love for you that I can keep.

Dearest of all I do have to say however, loving you is not easy, itís a journey, an adventure, but as I said, you make it fun, you make it worth living.

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