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Originally Posted by PALEHORSE View Post
its deeper then that u have to understand how the scientific method works then understand the nature of subtle energies then u add the 2 and get 3 ...somethings not right....

the only thing i can do is repeat

the whole basis of the scientific method is to prove subtle energies dont exist...its a clever scam, u bought it,

quantum mechanics is a great example where your science is failing and thats just on the threshold of subtle energies and your model of science will never be able to comprehend it.
Ok buddy, whenever you figure out how to use your "subtle energies" to make vaccines for diseases, I'll buy into your crap. For now, I'll stick to the one method of inquiry that's tried and true.

As I know nothing of quantum mechanics I can't comment on your remark, but if you'd care to enlighten me on where you think science is "failing" there... There's really no such thing as "winning" or "losing" when it comes to science, because when it comes right down to it, it's a method of testing things. If you mean that we don't fully understand quantum mechanics yet, then that is in no way a failure. But that's okay, you're clearly a person who lives by absolutes and has no patience to wait for peer-reviewed answers. You'd prefer to believe that some divine sages from the infancy of our species once carried all the answers to life. If that keeps you sane, so be it. I'll choose to live in the real world where houses are built, crops are grown, and diseases are cured through rational thinking, not magic.
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