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Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post
is it true that water/tides rise during a full moon ?

how are people affected during a full moon ?

is it true that the hospitals emergency rooms are much more crowded during these times ?

how are people affected by the sun in the summer and the winter elements in the winter ? (no pun intended)

going through a pregnancy during spring showers at certain points of time has no effect on the child at all ?
All these questions have to do with supposed correlations between the things you're talking about, (except for tides, which have nothing to do with supernatural powers and are perfectly explainable with knowledge of gravitational pulls).

Correlation =/= causation, and furthermore the things you're talking about are easily affected by suggestion. What I'm saying is that, someone who's sure that people are affected by the full moon might be more aware of strange behavior in themselves and other people just by having that preconception. Because of that, they might totally ignore that the prevalence is the same every other time of the year. You people are so hung up on your subjective experience. You never step outside yourself to question whether you're deluding yourself.
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