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i got 1 more.. the others i gotta type up but this here is an old 1 called bright star
Bright Star

At night I fixate my eyes on you, during day my mind travels far to be near you.

Your warmth and beauty attracts my soul, the secret of your realm is to be sought and is my goal. A bright star miles away, its beauty without is endlessly fuelled by the fire within. My desire is clear, I want to leave my planet and seek Nirvana which is in your possession. Let me be your planet, Iíll never tire, encircling you endlessly. We can create our own galaxy, engender balance and live life in ecstasy. Together we can make our own Earth and wish that one day, another innocent soul gets carried away by the beauty of a star, to create a further galaxy.

Now I know the secret of you dear, you are perfection and have chosen me to be part of you. To be part of the grand plan of extending the realm of love, which is the building block of all that is in our existence.
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