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Originally Posted by PALEHORSE View Post
i wish i could type fast.....
u did stay on topic
your belief is the scientific method it is a doctrine whether u recognize it or not
If you want to believe that. It's really not. You use scientific thinking every day, even since you were little. All science is, is a method of testing things. Observe. Hypothesize. Test. Conclude. Retest. You come to enough conclusions and you can build a theory off of it. If, eventually, new evidence comes along to disprove that theory, it is discarded and anything built off of it can be discarded as well. You've done this on a smaller scale all your life. Babies do it. It's just a standardized method of measuring the natural world.

science cant explain quantum mechanics becase they can either find the velocity of a particle or the postion but not both.....
subatomic particles
How does this mean it's failing?

to fully understand subtle energies and supraluminal(particles and waves beyond the speed of light) particles you have to be able to find the answer to the square root of 1

which is impossible

this is just one example where your medieval science ends
Ok, this is just a wave of non sequiters. Funny you should call science "medieval" when astrology is precisely that. You realize the scientific knowledge we have today is vastly superior to what they knew in medieval times.

and there are people that have it all figured out.....and supress this knowledge
Doubtful. Science isn't a religion or governmental body run by set authorities. It's all about researchers and peer review. If something gets shut out, it's because the majority of scientists thought it was ludicrous. While this has sometimes led to real discoveries being suppressed by prejudice, if something is truly there, it will eventually withstand testing and rise above preconcieved notions. You have this idea that if what you want to be true isn't supported it's because someone is covering it up. That's simply paranoia.

without ytping a book repoert i will just give examples

the tomb of the mayan lord pacal and the tomb of the pharoah tutankhuman
This means nothing to me, you'll have to explain.

and i just want to make it clear...i am not a "new ager"
Sadly, by associatint yourself with something like astrology you lend yourself to those stereotypes, but I apologize.

Quantum mechanics aside, I want to know from you how believe in "subtle energies" has proven any use in explaining the world. Can you create a vaccine for a disease using "subtle energies"? Can you find an alternative fuel source to end America's addiction to oil using "subtle energies"? My point is that the scientific method is the only way proven to transcend the illusions of subjective experience and actually establish some truths about the world and human nature. It's not a doctrine. It's malleable. It's built off of observations and testing. If something is false, it will eventually be corrected. Doctrines are not self-correcting.
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