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i'll pick up the baton from here. okay........

you asked how stars sand planets could affect someones character and personality.
so suny and i asked questions that led to the answer. celestial bodies do have an effect on earth. if they can affect things on earth, is it such a stretch to think that they could affect an embro/fetus during development?

the position of an electron can never be predicted. NEVER. but it will be wherever you look for it at within its shell orbit. like if i hide a tennis ball in ur house, you have no idea where it is and have no way to infer where it is but wherever you look it will be there. under your bed, in the trashcan, in the cushions of the couch. in the oven. etc etc.

a subatomic particle acts as a wave until it is OBSERVED then it collapses into a particle.
the act of measuring or looking at and possibly thinking about a subatomic particle alters it.

two particles are allowed ro interact, they are each put on opposite sides of the galaxy, one particle is altered the other mimics the change INSTANTLY. faster than the speed of light, INSTANT. nothing movres faster than C. and what kind of bonds can span those distances.

these obsevavble phenom shit on every known "fact" that modern science has established and actually touch on philosophies and beliefs from the ancient world

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