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Originally Posted by SpOk3N View Post
i'll go with... Phil Collins - Against All Odds
Elton John - This Song's For you (i think thats the name)
From the Silent Hill soundtrack - You're Not Here and Promise
Phil Collins - In the Air Tonite
Tonedeff - porcelain
KT Tunstall - other side of the world
Jose jose - el triste
aqualung - strange and beautiful
bobby bland - aint no love
elton john - we all fall in love sometimes
cunninlynguists - love ain't, Rain
some others...

i cried to against all odds and the tonedeff track. the rest just get me emotionally.

was going to mention these two..

also add 'dj shadow - midnight in a perfect world'. it doesnt make me cry, but the beat just makes me really think about things. i have no idea why.

other inclusions..

john lennon - imagine all the people
america - a horse with no name
soul for real - every little thing i do
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