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Default Ever Heard of Haitian Jazz?

Haitian Jazz is a fusion of Haitian music and American Jazz. Furthermore, Haitian Jazz may be divided into two sub categories:

1) One consisting of Haitian Vodou/Roots music and Jazz, and

2) Another fusing Konpa (Haiti's popular music) and American Jazz.

Listen to these tracks:

the following is a fusion of Jazz and Konpa using All Blues from Miles's Kinda Blue.

06 all blues.mp3 - 6.38MB

Another Haitian Jazz track fusing konpa and Jazz by Harold Faustin:

06 manu.mp3 - 16.71MB

Now, Haitian Jazz using Jazz and Haitian Vodou music (most popular form of Haitian Jazz):

07 caravan.mp3 - 6.57MB

01 dilere.mp3 - 8.20MB
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