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Since I recently reviewed the new 9th Prince album I'll take the time and review this one also.

2.Camouflage Children

Very Dope track to start off an album. If you're new to 9th Prince you might not like his flow, but this is very dope. 9th Prince is bringing the heat on this one, straight gritty. The beat is superb too great additional bonus. 4.5/5
3.Foolish Ways
Not feeling this track at all, his flow is literally nasty on here, beat is dry & the singing is weak. This could've been left off the album definitely. 3/5
4.Generation Next - This is a very hot track. Beat is live as hell with the horns in the back. Islord starts it off fresh and 9th just lays the hammer down on this one I can't lie. My favorite line "Celebrity deathmatch, react like an ax being swung by a serial killer maniac, poetry brainiac" lol very dope. TMF do their job well also by delivering the heat. 4.5/5
5.Burn Bridges
Very dope beat by Rza and he's spitting crazy on this one I didn't know he was gonna bring it like this. 9th Prince is bringing heat but his flow is kind off but that doesn't take away the vibe on this track. Good to see 2 brothers on one track. 5/5
6.Granddaddy Flow
I just like the beat, 9th Prince is spitting some other type female shit. LOL it's all good though. His flow is kinda scattered on here like he's trying to experiment or something I can't really tell. 3.5/5
8.Kill or Be Killed
Very dope track. 9th Prince starts it off crazy then Dom Pachino just smashes it. I love the way 9th ends the track "The title is Kill or Be Killed and you just fucking lost". Beat is crazy on here too. The bass is sick in the whip when you bang this. 4.5/5
9.Cold Wind
Awww. This my shit right here, I love the wind on the beat I feel like i'm outside somewhere. 9th Prince brings da heat and TMF once again murder the beat. The beat is crazy itself. 5/5
10.100 Degrees
This track had to grow on me, at first I didn't really like it but it grew. You really have to get used to 9th's flow to like this track. Beat is nice too. A definite banger. 4/5
11.Slang Killaz
Uhhh I heard these verses on Killa Beez - The Sting album. So there's nothing really new about the track. And I heard this beat from an Inspectah Deck track "Nightshift" but it seems like it has more bass to it with an extra sound. A lil Killa Sin diss was put in here "seen Killa Sin and them, ya'll niggaz sound feminine" I wonder what that was about. Islord is just spitting on here, Dom Pachino delivers a good verse though. 4/5
This shit is dope. 9th's flow is very in sync with the beat. This is a track for the ladies lol, Beat is crazy on here though, some chill out shit. 4.5/5
13.Tribute to the 5th Brother
IDK what Rza was spitting on here, he played around on this track, but 9th Prince picks up the slack with incredible speed at one part lol. Beat is sick too. What else could you ask for? 4.5/5
Already heard this track from Killarmy's "Fear, Love & War" album. 9th is spazzing out on here, he sounds like he's on a rampage just running through cats. Beat by Falling Down doesn't disappoint at all. 5/5

Beats - 4.5/5
Lyrics - 4.5/5
Overall - 4.5/5

I love the beat selection on this album. 9th obviously knows what his fans want to hear unlike Wu Generals. Great beats. His Flow is great despite some tracks. And there is really not that much Filler on this album. A solid release by 9th Prince.****Overall 4/5**** ****Certified Ww-Banger****

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