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Yeah...that Niners/Raiders game was not bad...

My team was pretty sloppy against the cardinals...but they are trying to make a lot of changes and prob need more time to work that shit out...hopefully they nip all those penalites in the butt and get down to business...pisses me off when players cant keep the game in their head and screw it all up with can they not remember the rules???

Hopefully Bledsoe will do us some good...especially if offense can step it up.

What you all think about Kurt Warner??? Personally I think he is washed up...looked way tired and old last year and did a lot of stupid shit considering his experience.

Oh and I love watching Vick for sure...very talented...but if he doesnt do it this year...or next at the latest...then its not gonna happen...he puts his neck out on the line...which is cool...but I doubt he will have any longevity.....but ya never know!

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Peace and chicken grease!
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