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Default Re: Self Assessment...

Originally Posted by Big Bad Man


Age? Twenties
Height? 6'
Weight? 219
Gender? M
Race? White
Hairstyle? Close Crop
Hair Colour? Dirty Blond
Eye Colour? Green
Sexuality? Straight
Religion? None
Star Sign? Sag
Marital Status? Single
Children? 2
Education? GED

The boring stuff

U smoke? No
U drink? Shoa
U use drugs? No
Interests? Wu Corp
Right or Left handed? Right
Weaknesses? Does not play well with others
Fears? Children taken advantage of
Physical feature yer most proud of? Shoulders
Do u swear? Shoa
Shower or bath? Shower
How often do u shower/bath each day? Depends on how much I work out
Do you go to a gym? No

The good stuff

If no, at what age did you get "corrupted"? 15
Have you slept with more than 10 people? No
Favourite sexual position? Doesn't matter
If you could fuck any woman / man in the world tonight, who would it be? Mya
Do you watch pornos? Shoa
Do you own pornos? Shoa
Ever had an STD? Hahaha! No

The cheese

How attractive would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 - 10? 7

Im curious

Do you have any pets? Cat
Wit kinda animal is it? Wits the fuckers name? Silas
Do you get on with your family? Sorta
Who do you live wit? Girl and kids
Any Tattoos? No
Any piercings? No
Can you drive? Shoa
What do you drive? Nothing. Public Transportation
Have you tried sushi? No
Which countries have you visited? None
Which countries do you want to visit? Australia
Which political party do you vote for? Apolitical
Ever stole anything? Shoa
Ever been beaten up? Shoa
Ever beat any1 up? Shoa
Whats the weirdest object you ever been hit with? Brick
Ever done time in jail? No


Ever had a major operation? Appendectomy
How would you NOT wanna go out? Drowning
Any regrets in life so far? Working
3 words that best describe you? Attitude - Willing - Clean
Was your birth an accident? No
Do you know your father? No
Do you accept homosexuality? Shoa
Did OJ do it? Shoa
If you were on the jury would you have convicted OJ? Shoa
Do you even believe in God? Not the conventional one
Do you believe we re-enter this world as some1 else? Yes
D you believe in ghosts? No
Have you ever seen a ghost? No
Have you ever seen a goat? Shoa
Do you want another Wu-Tang album? No


Breakfast Cereal? Rice Krispies
Ice cream flavour? Vanilla
Movies? Samurai
btw this is cia agents dream thread.
Liberalism is totalitarianism with a human face
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