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In the waning moments of Jake Rosedaleís time here on earth there was no flashing of life before his eyes. No long-ago memories of the pristine wood floors his tiny pattering feet used to mark up on his way to the plantation kitchen. No recollection of any of the baked goodies Edna the house maid always had ready for him whether it be the warm batch of chocolate oatmeal cookies, key-lime pie, or the recently cooled banana bread with butter and honey. He did not see himself peering through the spindles of the stairwell from the second floor onto any of his Senator fatherís lavish parties that kept him silently fascinated for many hours past his bedtime. Nor did he recall his own poker-like perception that registered every single nuance his socialite dad used at these parties to charm, entertain and manipulate every single guest he had a purpose for exploiting.
It's very good, especially the part about bananas(no homo).

But yeah seriously, you got talent, even though we don't get on, you seem like you can right well.
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