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niggaz stackin' in B rags ollin in a clean jag
prune juice interior pussy nigga mean that
mind ya mannaz fo i pop hammaz
ransom the gram handlaz
black rag is my bandanna
alotta niggaz claim they bangin' me i just dont
bu the differance is i let off nigga you wont
so in the mean while i freestyle like the fellowship
hello bitch pulled up in a yellow whip
yellow wrist chekk out da yellow chicks
grippin fifths to let off a hella shit
i dont rep no shit C or B
but i thrown a few signz and i know a few B'z
plus i flow wit sum c'z blowin that weed
fuk ya creed my army is me
R is what the hawk is rated
i scream on niggas like monster incorporated
write a few rhymes do a few lines
shawty passed out but the ho still fine
baggin up dimes time to shine
hop out the whipe to commt the crime
4-5 to ya head ruger on his gutta shit
hoe niggas on they mutter shit
my uzi on that stutter shit
i dont give a fuk bout dat other bitch
bricks on the butter shit
kicks is crack ya tracks r wack
they aint lyin when they say my mac is action packed
sittin on kloud 9 high as a kizzite
red like a stop lizzite ht the strip and get rizzite

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