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Default Re: Self Assessment...


Name? Boby
Age? 20 on 23 august
Height? dunno.... average
Weight? don't know...
Gender? male
Race? romanian... heheh....i think one of my great grandpaz was greek
Nationality? romanian
Hairstyle? very short
Hair Colour? brown
Eye Colour? brown
Sexuality? straight
Religion? none
Star Sign? don't believe in this shit... i think leo
Profession? tax free shit
Marital Status? single
If single, do u have a gf/bf? not really
Children? no
Education? about 8 years of this shit

The boring stuff

U smoke? just weed
U drink? yea, i drink beer all the time
U use drugs? no
Interests? art.... whateva makes me think.... cause that's my fav thing to do
Right or Left handed? right
Weaknesses? 1. i'm a good person 2. i care about 3 ppl
Fears? none....
Ambitions in life? stay high
Physical feature yer most proud of? eyes. nahmsayin
Do u swear? yea
Do u sing? no
Do u dance? no
Shower or bath? shower. no time for bath
How often do u shower/bath each day? dunno... sometimes i don't shower at all
Do you go to a gym? no... i used to go to a boxin club
If so how many days / week? ...

The good stuff

If u have named yer private part/s lol, whats it/they called? dunno
Do you masturbate? no.. i'm gettin pussy...
How often? ....
Are you a virgin? no
If no, at what age did you get "corrupted"? 13
Have you slept with more than 10 people? y
More than 20? y
More than 30? y
More than 40? y
More than 50? yea
If more than 50, have you been tested for HIV? no...
Favourite sexual position? doggy
Ever had a 3 some? no
Ever had a 4 some or more? no
Do you enjoy roleplay? no
Any sexual fantasies still to be fulfilled? no
Ever used any toys in bed? no
Own any? If yes what are they? no
Favourite place to get freaky? the girl's place
Music you bang to? MF Doom, Madlib
U like giving or recieving oral sex better? receivin
If you could fuck any woman / man in the world tonight, who would it be? Angelina Jolie
Do you watch pornos? not really
Do you own pornos? no
Would you ever do a porno? no
Seriously? nah, man
You wouldnt pussy out when you got butt naked on cam? i wouldn't like that
You ever been naked on a cam? nah
You ever got a chick / man naked on cam? nah
Do you own a webcam? hhahahaah! Just messin... heh, no way
If you are a sexy female, and you got raped 1 night out camping would you tell any1? yea.... i'd find those fuckers and kill'em
Wanna go camping? haha
Do you shave down south? haha...
Ever had an STD? Hahaha! yea, small shit
Do you wear condoms? nah. never wore one
Do you like wearing them? no way... what is that shit?!
Ever shagged a celebrity? no
Maddest place you had sex? da opera
Any fetishes? no

The cheese

Do you want to marry some day? fuck no
Do you want kids? nah... wouldn't want to bring anyone into this world
If so how many? ...
Are you in love with anybody? i think so... dunno
Ever been in love? ^^
Have you ever been dumped? never
Ever been in a proper relationship? just one
How attractive would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 - 10? 8

Im curious

Do you have any pets? i had...
Wit kinda animal is it? Wits the fuckers name? wolves. Astor and ... can't remember
Do you get on with your family? don't have one any more
Who do you live wit? alone
Any Tattoos? yea... a suicidal clown... some E.Cioran and Nietzche quotes... and i wanna make a Vlad the Impaler tatoo, haha
Where? hands, chest
Any piercings? no
Where? ...
Can you drive? don't have a car....
What do you drive? everything i get my hands on
Have you tried sushi? yea
Which countries have you visited? none
Which countries do you want to visit? Jamaica.....
Which political party do you vote for? never voted.. never will
Do you like giraffes? no
Ever stole anything? haha... fuck yea, i'm romanian, hehe
Ever been beaten up? hell yea
Ever been shot? no
Ever been stabbed / slashed? yea
Ever beat any1 up? yea
Ever shot any1? no
Ever stabbed / slashed any1? no
Whats the weirdest object you ever been hit with? one of them cocktail cans
Whats the weirdest object you ever hit some1 with? no weird obj
Ever done time in jail? no
Ever witnessed murder? no
Ever seen a dead body? a lot
U wanna? no


Ever had a major operation? no
How do you want to die when your time comes? no. i'd like to live forever
How would you NOT wanna go out? like a sucker
What did you wanna be as a kid? can't remember.... to much shit ever since
Who do you look up to in life? some dude in my dreams.... it's actually me...
Any regrets in life so far? tons
3 words that best describe you? mentally fuckin invincible
Do you hink Ciara is really a hermaphrodite? dunno..
Was your birth an accident? no
Do you know your father? yea, he was a great man, but too honest... this shit killed him
U sure? yea, i'm sure, bro
Are you homophobic? nah... don't really care
Do you accept homosexuality? don't care
What about lesbians though? don't care
And bi bitches? they cool
Did OJ do it? yea
If you were on the jury would you have convicted OJ? yea
Wit about Michael Jackson? i don't know, man... not sure
If you could meet any1 in the world who would it be? my girl... she's in London
If God gave you a new talent, wit would it be? ...
If God offered you an extra penis or punani would you take it? lol........
Do you even believe in God? no. there's no such thing
Do you believe we re-enter this world as some1 else? nah
Have you ever seen a ghost? nah
Have you ever seen a goat? yea
Does Pinocchio have wooden balls man? nah
Do you want another Wu-Tang album? no. it'd be wack


Sports Teams? Steaua Bucharest. AC Milan
Music? rap
Food? pork steak, suckas
Breakfast Cereal? nah.. what is that wack shit?!
Ice cream flavour? vanilla, chocolate
Clothing Labels? wu wear, some nike.... puma
Fragrance / Perfume? don't really have a favorite
TV Show? romanian talkshows bout football... fuckin hilarious... fightin and shit
Author? .....
Movies? Cool Hand Luke, Casablanca, Taxi Driver, Pulp Fiction... all of Hitchcock's shit
Actor? Pacino... Bogart, Cagney.... Steve Buscemi is hilarious..... Brando
Actress? Lauern Baccal, Bette Davis... Sharon Stone.... Angelina Jolie...
Animal? wolf, lion...
Colour? purple
Car / Bike? Ferarri 250 Maranello 1958
Magazine? comics.... love;em
Website? no favorite....
Trainers / Sneakers? pumas... simple shit.....

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