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real hiphop is now scarce, rappers done got too garish
leading those thats esoteric to perish
in irreverence
as good as musics gets that get spent
on the radio its pathetically average
fans is now fanatics, acting out in hysterics
they favorite mc dizzied by enough karats
to feed a husk of hare
i dont care if you on your grizzly unless your riding bare back on a bear
my parents didnt raise me well, they wasnt there
claire huxtable answered my prayers, when life was hell
the tell tale heart, underground thumps
below raps floor boards cause they killing off art
keep'em in the dark, talk that gangsta, gangsta
keep fill'em with that ol' angst and anger
make'em wanna be those strangers that hang tough with thugs
and make music for clubs to entertain us
fuck dat, get on them books and go to cambridge
the box is here, im thinking outside like where the rain is
its big things poppin' and its deeper than pockets
when all that ballaholic non sense leak in to your subconscious
and you find yourself surrounded by ass clowns acting raucous
the artist aint so much at fault its the consumers who cop it
and i can just do me and make crack pot comments
that you preceive as being jealous, just telling you where my head is
"abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"
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