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here's the wrestlemania recap for those who didnt c it
its off
Welcome to the live recap of Wrestlemania XXIV! With Stevie J live at the Citrus Bowl (and with sweet seats to boot), I’ve taken over the recap duties for the night. I’ll be updating as often as possible so remember to hit F5 or refresh throughout the night.

Tonight we’re promised a show-stealing Ric Flair match, at least one title change, and the possible recreation of the infamous Hogan/Andre moment from Wrestlemania III as Mayweather faces off with Big Show. We’ll be starting in a few minutes with the 24 Man Battle Royal for an ECW title shot and if you’re here at 6:30 ET I’d suggest you head over to and catch the action for yourself rather than read the recap.

24-Man Battle Royal (ECW Title Shot): Steven Richards, Snitsky, Brian Kendrick, The Miz, Jesse, Festus, Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade, Deuce, Domino, Chuck Palumbo, Mark Henry, Tommy Dreamer, Elijah Burke, Great Khali, Val Venis, Jamie Noble, Kofi Kingston, Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Kane, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes
We kick off with introductions, really quick introductions. Great Khali has gotten the longest introduction so far with Mark Henry a close second. The weather looks great out in Florida. All men in the ring and the action starts. Too much stuff going on to break down. Festus Eliminates Deuce and then Domino!. Cody Rhodes getting in some offense as is the Great Khali. Khali Eliminates Hacksaw Jim Duggan to loud BOOS!. Elijah Burke Eliminates Stevie Richards and then Kane Eliminates Burke! Miz is out too. Cody Rhodes skins the cat on the outside and gets back in. Kane and Henry work on Kingston in the corner. Mark Henry Eliminates Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, and Jesse. Festus Eliminates Murdoch. Whoa, a lot of men eliminated at a time. Festus is out as is Cade, Kingston, and Kendrick. Noble does a great move to avoid elimination, but is then Eliminated by Palumbo. KHALI is out! As well as Hardcore Holly. We’re left with Snitsky, Henry and Kane who trade big blows. Snitsky Eliminated by Henry! Kane and Henry battle it out. Henry tries to slam Kane out of the ring, but he reverses and then BOOT TO THE FACE – KANE ELIMINATES HENRY FOR AN ECW TITLE SHOT!

Short, but fun match and great way to start the night – Direct TV is still showing the countdown so I’ll be back in 20 minutes once the show kicks off.
AND WE’RE LIVE FROM THE CITRUS BOWL! Well as live as one can be withouth being Stevie J. Planes fly over the Citrus Bowl and they don’t say TNA. Weather looks like it took a turn for the worst, rain has fallen a bit. John Legend begins “America The Beautiful.”

Intro video package kicks off with the usual suspects - Cena, Edge, Orton, etc... Pyros are off and poppin and the crowd is just as loud.

Belfast Brawl will kick things off and we get JBL's intro and his limo... BOO! Then we get a recap of the Hornswoggle beating on RAW. JBL looks very out of shape. Here comes Finlay WITH HORNSWOGGLE and new boot and tights as well.


Finlay hasn't hit the ring and JBL attacks. Brawling on the outside and then Finlay throws JBL into the steel steps and then back into the ring. THE BELL OFFICIALLY RINGS. Finlay back out for some weapins, trash cans, kendo sticks. JBL slams Finlay in the head with a trash can! JBL keeps up the punishment slamming Finlay with a trash can lid and cookie tray on the head. JBL throws the steel steps into the ring and barely misses Finlay. JBL tries to pile drive Finlay into the steps, but Finlay reverses and throws him over his back. Big boot to the head by Finlay and then continous head shots with the metal tray. The brawl continues as JBL gains the upper hand and throws Finlay in the corner. Multiple punches to Finlay and then JBL goes for the shilelagh. Hornswoggle comes in to distract and Finlay hits the shilelagh shot! Finlay slams a trash can on JBL and then brings in a table. The table is set up in the corner and Finlay tries to throw JBL into it, double reversal and Finlay gets a clothesline. JBL goes to the outside and hits Hornswoggle but Finlay makes the save and slams JBL's head into the announce table multiple times!
SICK SPOT AS FINLAY DOES A SUICIDE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE BUT GETS CAUGHT IN THE HEAD WITH A GARBAGE CAN LID! Back in the ring JBL goes for a 2 Count and then throws a trash can at Hornswoggle. Another trash can shot to Finlay but then Finlay gets the upperhand and punished JBL with his own can shots. Finlay picks up JBL for the slam and then SLAMS HIM HEADFIRST INTO THE TABLE!. Finlay gets TWO but no more. Finlay tries to hit JBL with the steel steps but JBL hits him with the Kendo stick, does a big clothesline and then... GETS THE THREE COUNT. YOUR WINNER: JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD!!!

This match was too short, but great while it lasted. Kim Kardashian does her ho thang on the mic as she announces the MONEY IN THE BANK being next. MIIIIIISTER KEEENNNNEDY interrupts and says he will win.
John Morrison is out followed by Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, CM Punk, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, and Jericho. Smoke has filled the Citrus Bowl, that must suck for those further away from the ring.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Anytime WWE Title Shot): Chris Jericho vs. MVP vs. John Morrison vs. CM Punk vs. Carlito vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin
The bell rings and we're underway. Everyone but MVP heads out to get ladders. Running boot by MVP to Morrison. MVP then takes the ladder and slams everyone trying to get in. Jericho is in with a ladder of his own and they joust with Jerico getting the upper hand. Morrison is in and throws a ladder at Jericho and then goes to the top turnbuckle. SICK SPOT - MOONSAULT WITH A LADDER TO THE OUTSIDE! MORRISON HITS EVERYONE BUT JERICO. Kennedy is in the ring and sets up the ladder before being stopped by Jericho. Jericho goes for the walls of Jericho but Kennedy jumps over him and climbs to the top. Morrison piggybacks another ladder to jump onto Kennedy's ladder and they battle it out. Shelton tries to take advantage of it by setting up his own ladder. BENJAMIN JUMPS OVER MORRISON AND KENNEDY FOR A TRIPLE TOWER OF DOOM POWERBOMB!
Shelton goes for the case but Carlito pushes him off. Shelton reverses and hits Carlito with the ladder and then falls off of it himself. CM Punk goes for the top but gets stopped and he and Shelton start fighting. Shelton goes for the case but Punk pulls him off and does the GO TO SLEEP. Kennedy then does a running slam on Punk onto a ladder! MVP is back in the ring and tries to clean house, but Carlito clocks him in the leg with a ladder. Carlito's turn to try to get the case, but Shelton recovers and pulls him off. Kick to the head by Shelton and Carlito is out. Shelton to the top again but Kennedy and Carlito overturn the ladder and SICK SPOT - SHELTON FLIPS TO THE OUTSIDE AND SLAMS ONTO A LADDER PROPPED BETWEEN THE RING AND THE STANDS!. Three men climb to the top but MVP pushes the ladder over and then gets clocked by Morrison. Morrison goes for the top, but Jericho catches him and does a submission hold at the top of the ladder! Kennedy sets up his own ladder and battles with Jericho for position. PUNK AND CARLITO JUMP THE LADDERS FROM THE TOP ROPES! Punk and Kennedy fall off and Carlito is thrown off. Jericho is alone, but Carlito gets him from the top of the ladder WITH THE BACKSTABBER! MVP is back in the ring and he's ALL ALONE. MVP to the top all alone, BUT MATT HARDY COMES OUT OF NO WHERE AND DOES THE TWIST OF FATE FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER. MATT HARDY IS BACK!!!!!!
Hardy leaves the ring and all the men continue to battle it out. Jericho using the ladder against everyone and he does a crazy ladder spot with Carlito (You have to see this one in person). They keep fighting with the interlocked ladders and Punk gets knocked down. Jericho on the top now with a ladder, but Carlito SPITS APPLE IN HIS FACE! Carlito alone at the top but Kennedy knocks him into another ladder. CM Punk then knocks Kennedy with a ladder. Jericho does the Code Breaker on Punk with a ladder. Jericho is alone at the top, but Punk recovers and the two battle it out. Awkward battle at the top and Jericho gets the upper hand! NO! Jericho is pulled down by Punk and PUNK REACHES THE TOP AND GETS THE CASE! YOUR WINNER AND MR. MONEY IN THE BANK CM PUNK!!!!!

Wow! Finally Punk is moving on up - to the east side - to a Smackdown or Raw apartment in the sky... Great match, but a bit on the short side again. Lawler hints that CM Punk could cash in the briefcase tonight, while JR pushes his shock at Matt Hardy's return. They put over the main event by showing all three men as they prepare in the locker room. They do a recap video fo last night's Hall of Fame Ceremony and from what I've seen and read, it's well worth the purchase for Ric Flair's speech alone. Howard Finkel is in the ring and introduces the 2008 Hall of Fame class. Night time has set in and it actually gives the ceremony a very nice and formal touch - Congratulations to all those inducted and their families.
We follow this up with Snoop D-O-DOUBLE G! He's his usual smooth self and he's putting over FESTUS! According to Snoop, him and Festus share the same tastes. SANTINO INTERRUPTS! He threatens Snoop who rings the bell and FESTUS GOES CRAZY AND ATTACKS SANTINO! Snoop then introduces MICK FOLEY as his friend and Foley has thugged out Mr. Socko - Funny Stuff. The Smackdown vs. Raw match is next and Teddy Long and William Regal are in the ring, but they are interrupted by THE ANIMAL BATISTA! Long introduces Batista and Michael Cole puts over - the entrance pyro. I must admit, they were impressive. Regal introduces UMANGA!!! who is yelling something as he heads to the ring.

SMACKDOWN VS. RAW: Batista vs. Umaga:
The bell rings and we're underway! They trade punches in the middle of the ring before Umaga throws Batista into the ring. Batista avoids the corner smash and throws Umaga to the outside. Umaga climbs back into the ring and gets in some big punches of his own. UMAGA DOES A SPINNING BACK KICK THAT SENDS BATISTA TO THE APRON.
Batista tries to get back in but gets met by a kick in the chin. Umaga throws Batista back in the ring and does a running splash on his back. Umaga picks Batista up and gives him some brutal turnbuckle throws. Umaga then gets the nerve hold locked in. Batista tries to reverse the nerve hold, but Umaga punches him and then slams him. Umaga climbs to the top rope for a head butt, but Batista moves out of the way. Batista tries to slam Umaga, but crumbles under his weight and Umaga gets a two count. Umaga follows with a kick to the back and another nerve hold. The nerve hold continues, which gives Cole the chance to put over the Smackdown Main Event. Batista powers out, but Umaga slams him again and gets another two count. Another nerve hold and the crowd starts booing. Definitely some slow moments in this big man battle. Umaga tries for the Samoan Spike but Batista reverses and follows up with a SPINEBUSTER. Crowd seems to be in Umaga's favor. Batista BOTCHES A BATISTA BOMB AND FALLS BACKWARDS! HE COULDN'T HOLD UP UMAGA!. YOUR WINNER BATISTA!!!
I can't believe they botched that spot so bad and the they acted like it didn't happen. The announcers even put over Batista's strength even though it was obvious he couldn't hold Umaga up. Either way, this just confirmed what I always believed - SMACKDOWN IS BETTER THAN RAW! Stevie J checks in to let us know that $250 Floor Seats suck Rikishi ass as all he can see is the Titantron!
They put over Big Show vs. Mayweather and then recap the Battle Royal that aired on WWE.Com. The ECW Title Match is next and they put over the fact this is the first time the title is being defended on Wrestlemania. Who knows, maybe the brand does matter and maybe Nikes will get his wish as Kane has to be the favorite.

The match starts as Kane does the Sting and Undertaker - come out of nowhere bit - SLAM AND YOUR WINNER AND NEW ECW CHAMPION KANE!

Wow, talk about burying Chavo and ECW at the same time. Styles and Tazz put this over as the quickest match in Wrestlemania history and try to defend Chavo by saying Kane "outsmarted" him. LAME! And yeah, there was nothing more to the match than a slam. Carlito Wrestlemania commercial is next. That's So Raven is out talking about Make A Wish - and she points out the 50 kids who got to see Wrestlemania due to the foundation - GREAT PROGRAM! These kids look so glad to be there and to be on TV. Props go out to the WWE and congrats to you guys for being able to be there live.
The Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels match is up next and we go into the recap video. I hope the ECW Title Match was so short so this match could have more time - I'll be a little less upset if that's the case. Ric Flair cuts a promo - WOOOO! Shawn Michaels heads to the ring and gets lots a lot of cheers. Another big set of pyros goes off and I'm pretty sure they've scared every fish all the way into the Gulf of Mexico with all the explosions. Kane vs. Chavo in a Gulf of Mexico Match on Tuesday?

WOOOO! Ric Flair to the ring in a robe that would make Brazil's Carnivale jealous. Fans in the stand have the longest WOOOO! signs in the history of wrestling. They show his family in the stands, his son is ready to cry, he's so full of pride.

Career Threatening Match: Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels
We're underway as Flair can't wait to get going! They lock up and Michaels gets thrown to the ropes. Shoulder block to the floor off the ropes, but Flair gets up and they lock up again. Flair and Michaels trade Hammerlocks in a wrestling clinic and Flair is giving it his all. Michaels elbows out of the hold, but Flair throws him to the ropes for the slam and starts strutting! Michaels looks upset by the showboating and they lock up. They get to the corner where Flair yells "Old Yeller Huh!!!" at Michaels who responds with a stiff slap that cuts Flair open! Flair returns with the stiffest chops outside of Japan and Michaels responds in kind. Flair gets control and drops Michael with a an elbow and then gets a kneedrop. Michael gets control and goes to the top rope, but Flair slams him off. Flair climbs to the top rope and does a CROSSBODY OFF THE TOP.
Two count for Flair and then he goes for the Figure Four but is reversed and kicked to the outside. Michaels with a sliding kick to the outside and then SICK SPOT - MICHAELS TRIED A MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE BUT HITS THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE INSTEAD!!!! Flair is back in the ring and almost gets the count out on Michaels. Michaels back inside but Flair is controlling. Suplex by Flair leads to a two count. JR plays up the moonsault, which looks like it genuinely hurt and Flair gets another suplex in for another two count. The men trade chops and punches and then Flair with the standing vertical suplex. Flair is holding nothing back, but can only get a two count. The men exchange chops in the corner while Lawler puts over his knowledge of Old Yeller - apparently he was put down because of rabies and not age. Flair goes for Michaels, but Michaels throws him to the floor and climbs the top rop - MOONSAULT FORM THE TOP ROPE AND THIS TIME HE CONNECTS - BOTH MEN DOWN!
The replay shows Michaels missed, but we'll let it slide for the Naitch. Back in the ring and more chops - both men had red chests! Michaels thrown to the ropes but bounces back and drops Flair. Michaels jumps up and hits Flair with slams and drops - Flair falls by himself for a second. Michaels back up on the top rope and hits the elbow. Michael foregoes the pin and sets up for Sweet Chin Music - Flair is up and MICHAELS HESITATES - NATURE BOY GETS MICHAELS INTO THE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!! Michaels reverses the leglock and Flair gets the rope for the break. Michaels in control in the ring and Flair flips things and goes for the pin. Both men up and Michaels gets thrown to the corner - as he recovers Flair takes out his knee. Flair goes for the Figure Four, but Michaels reverses into a cradle - TWO COUNT! Flair goes for the Figure Four again and locks it in this time - TWO COUNT. Figure Four is still locked in as Michaels struggles to get to the ropes!
REVERSAL BY MICHAELS BUT FLAIR REVERSES AGAIN! Michaels reaches the ropes and the hold is broken to loud boos. Flair works over Michaels knee as Michael is against the rope - but Michaels gets up for SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! - IT'S ONLY A TWO COUNT! Michaels is up and trying to set up for the Sweet Chin Music once again, but Flair remains on the ground. Michaels sets up for SCM once again and then pulls Flair up on his own - FLAIR GETS A LOW BLOW AND THE REF DOESN'T SEE IT - FLAIR GETS A TWO COUNT!
Flair is up and tries to grab Michaels, but MICHAELS COUNTERS INTO THE FIGURE FOUR!!! Flair pulls to the side of the ring and grabs the rope, but the ref doesn't see it. The ref is distracted and Flair gets a thumb to the eyes! Flair recovers into a cradle, but only a TWO COUNT. Both men up again as they trade chops, but Michaels counters a chop with a BOOT TO THE FACE! Both men up, but Michaels is up first and hesitates in the corner whether or not to hit Sweet Chin Music. HE SAYS I'M SORRY AND MICHAELS HITS SWEET CHIN MUSIC ON FLAIR AND GETS THE THREE COUNT!!! YOUR WINNER - SHAWN MICHAELS!!!!

Michaels immediately leaves the ring as he is conflicted. They show Flair in the ring and he plays up his injuries but can't help crying as the crowd gives him the ovation he deserves. Flair is emotional as he leaves the ring and meets his family. This was really a great match and a fitting way for Flair to retire. The saddest thing is given how well Flair performed you wish he would keep going - but the man deserves some R&R after all he's given us over the years. WOOOO! They keep following Flair and the announcers are appropriately quiet to let the man have his moment - this match and moment alone is worth a Wrestlemania replay or DVD purchase.

The show must go on, so we head to an Edge promo. Edge says he's going to make history just like Flair did - slim chance homie. This amazing match is followed by - BUNNYMANIA - YAWN! Snoop is out in a pimped golf cart as the lumberjills dance their way to the ring behind him - WOW - Mickie James is relegated to the 2008 Snoop Dogg Ho Train. Snoop puts over Flair and asks for some WOOOOS! from the crowd. Even he knows what's important in this show. He introduces the Divas and they show off their dresses, once again no plaid or flannel in a lumberjack match - oh well. Maria and Ashley run to the ring happy for their Wrestlemania pay check. Maria gives Snoop a standing lap dance. Melina and Phoenix head to the ring led by Santino Marella. Melina has sort of wings and WWE set up some huge Playboy bunnies inflated at the entrance.

PLAYBOY BUNNYMANIA LUMBERJILL MATCH: Ashley and Maria vs. Beth Phoenix and Melina
Took a small break and missed nothing. Ashley and Beth exchange blows. Melina is tagged in and tried to leave the ring but was thrown back in. Maria did the crotch to the face thing to Melina to Snoop's delight. Ashley gets out the ring and lumberjilled back. Melina and Beth do some tag team manuevers, including a shoulder moonsault thing that looked pretty cool. LIGHTS GO OUT FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON!!!! Somehow the girls keep wrestling in the darkness before WWE turns on some ringside spotlights. Maria counters the double armed chickenwing from Beth and the lights are still messed up. Ashley off the apron to the outside while Maria gets the roll up - INTERFERENCE BY SANTINO. Lawler's had enough of Santino and leaves the announcer's table and beats down Santino. This distracts Maria which allowed Beth Pheonix to get some sort of Muscle Buster move on Maria AND THE THREE COUNT! YOUR WINNERS BETH PHOENIX AND MELINA


Well that was a nice break for us fans at home - live must have sucked given the technical difficulties. The wrestlers involved did fine and I must give them huge props for continuing in the darkness. The Snoop bit at the end was unexpected - but wasn't Kim Kardasian supposed to be involved somehow? Oh well - we go to a main event promo video. We're back with a marching band? They start playing John Cena's theme music! CENA TO THE RING!!!! Apparently the Triple Threat match is next. Text votes are in and the fans say they think Cena will win. Triple H is second, while Orton gets no love - 8% think he will retain - ouch. Triple H is in next and I have to admit he has a pretty cool promo video/entrance - wonder why? Orton is in last holding the spinner belt and looking all serious and stuff.


Lillian finishes the intro and we;re underway. Orton immediately snatches the belt from the ref and hits Triple H - this is a No DQ match! Cena gets some offense in on Orton while H is down. H is back up and throws Cena out and then throws Orton out! H follows Orton out and throws him against the announcer's table. Back in the ring, Triple H gets a sleeper hold on Orton, but Cena comes in and tries to FU BOTH MEN! He fails and Orton gets the advantage with a back neckbreaker on Triple H. Both men are down as Orton stomps and knees the crap out of them. Orton is the only man standing and the crowd sound kind of dead - no wait some smarks have started a CENA SUCKS chant. Get a life people.
Orton and Cena battle in the corner, H lifts Cena to his shoulders which allows Orton to clothesline Cena from the top rope. Cena recovers and tries the FU but Orton reverses for a 1 COUNT. Triple H clotheslines oth men as they recover, but Orton gets up. Triple H rolls out the ring as Orton works Cena over against the ropes. Triple H joins Cena on the ropes and this allows Orton to pull both men out for a DOUBLE DDT. TWO COUNTS ON BOTH MEN BY ORTON! Orton waits for someone to get up to do and RKO AND IT'S CENA! Orton goes for the RKO but Cena reverses him and throws him on top of H. H out of the picture as Cena does a top rope leg drop on Orton. Orton out of the ring and Cena chases. Orton tricks Cena and slams him agains the ring post. Orton heads back to the ring but is met by Triple H who takes advantage, throws him to the corner and starts working over Orton's left knee. Cena back in the ring, but gets immediately clotheslined by Triple H! ORTON IS UP AND RKOS TRIPLE H!
H rolls out of the ring and Cena and Orton slowly get up inside the ring. Cena with a toe drop and STFU!!! Orton struggles to get to the ropes. Orton still struggling and looks to be passed out, but Triple H gets the save and pulls Orton to the ropes! Cena outside and gets slammed into the steel steps by Triple H! H in the ring to take advantage of ORton and gets an Indian deathlock in. Cena comes in for the save and throws H to the corner - SICK SPOT - TRIPLE FLIES OVER THE TURNBUCKLE TO THE OUTSIDE! Cena locks in his STFU, but Triple H is back in the ring and.... LOCKS IN THE CROSSFACE!!! Orton rolls out and Cena struggles against Triple H but gets to the rope - which is followed by loud boos. Cena and H exchange punches, before Cena gets the upper hand and slams H. Cena does the FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE AND THEN LIFTS CENA FOR THE FU! REVERSE TO THE PEDIGREE, BUT THAT IS COUNTERED AND BOTH MEN BREAK UP!
Triple H comes back with a facebuster and a double leg spinbuster! Orton distracts H, and this allows Cena to try the FU! H reverses to the Pedigree AND IS SUCCESSFUL!!! BUT WAIT - ORTON IS BACK IN AND GETS THE BETTER OF TRIPLE H WITH A RUNNING KNEE AND THE THREE COUNT ON CENA!!! YOUR WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION - RANDY ORTON!!!!!!

JR says he's shock and I couldn't agree more. Everyone though Triple H would win and honestly as much as I hate the guy I would have preferred that result. The match itself was not one of the best Triple Threats in Wrestlemania history, making the ending even more disappointing. It might be me, but all these matches seem short for the biggest show of the year. Who knows what the championship picture will be like now, which is at least a good thing. We cut to a promo for Backlash featuring Undertaker - HINT HINT! Then we go to a Big Show/Mayweather promo - I assume this match is next and I'm rooting for MAYWEATHER TO WIN BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY- RON KILLINGS RUN IN MAYBE? - Yeah, I know - wishful thinking. Big Show is out first looking mad and big. Mayweather is out next and he is joined by MONEY!!! That's right - it's raining on the fans - but at least this time its money or something that looks like money.

ANYTHING GOES - MUST BE A WINNER:Floyd "Money" Mayweather vs. Big Show
We're ready to get things started as Mayweather takes off his jacket. THE BELL RINGS. Mayweather backs out and tries to avoid Big Show. Show lunges at Mayweather, but Floyd ducks out of the way! Mayweather avoids another lunge and PUSHES SHOW INTO A CORNER! Mayweather keeps ducking and gets a series of body shots in - with no effect! MAYWEATHER GETS IN A FACE SHOT THAT MAKES SHOW FLINCH! Mayweather keeps moving and taunts Show. Mayweather also gets in a few shots before he tales a break and drinks from his pimp cup! Show is pissed off and PUNCHES MAYWEATHER'S HANDLER OFF OF THE APRON! He then drags another guy in and hits him hard. Mayweather tries a punch, but Show counters and throws him to the ground! Show misses a stomp and the action is back standing up. SHOW GRABS MAYWEATHER BY THE NECK AND TRIES TO SLAM HIM BUT MAYWEATHER REVERSES WITH PUNCHS AND TRIES TO CHOKE SHOW OUT! Mayweather still choking while Show tries to reverse. Show can't seem to get Mayweather off his back and falls to the his knees as the crowd boos. Show finally reverses and STOMPS MAYWEATHER'S FIST! Mayweather heads to his corner in pain. Show grabs Mayweather and then asks for quiet as he CHOPS MAYWEATHER LOUDLY!!!
Mayweather's manager keeps telling the ref Show can't do that, and then Big Show STEPS ON MAYWEATHER'S BACK TWICE!!! Mayweather gets up and starts kicking show, but he then gets side slammed and leg dropped. Show then does another step over on Mayweather, this time on his chest! Mayweather tries to get offense in, but Show head butts him. Show then does an elbow drop and the crowd starts cheering. Mayweather's people pull him from the ring and proclaim that they are out!!!! Big Show follows them outside of the ring! Big Show then levels all of Floyd's body guards and pulls him down the walk way before clubbing him in the back! Show pulls him back to ringside and throws him in. Back in the ring and more interference, but Show takes care of them. Show is about to slam Mayweather, but a body guard gives him a chair shot! The body guard gets a choke slam for his troubles, but this gives Mayweather the chance to get some chair shots in! Show tries to slam Mayweather BUT LOW BLOW AND CONTINOUS CHAIR SHOTS TO BIG SHOW'S HEAD! Mayweather puts brass knuckles around his bare fist and punches Big Show in the face while he's on his knees!!! BIG SHOW CAN'T GET UP FOR THE TEN COUNT!!!! YOUR WINNER BY KNOCKOUT AND STILL UNDEFEATED FLOYD MAYWEATHER!!!!!

I kid you not when I say that not only was this the best Wrestler/Boxer match ever, but this has also been one of the most exciting and best matches on the card! Mayweather obviously trained hard for this and sold the heck out Big Show's offense.
To add to my happiness, Wrestlemania 25 WILL BE IN MY HOME STATE OF TEXAS NEXT YEAR! Reliant Stadium here we come as I might make that my first Wrestlemania!

The main event is next with Edge and Undertaker and I am happy that Smackdown headlined the show. Kim K is back announcing a record breaking crowd for Wrestlemania. The fact that this is the main event makes me wonder whether they wanted to give Undertaker his Wrestlemania moment or whether they plan on breaking the streak. Undertaker is in first and his entrance looks amazing. I've heard it is great live, but at the Citrus Bowl it must be crazy! Taker's got a brand new bag too as he sports new ring attire - the WWE tailors and seamstresses must have been working overtime this month. Edge is out with Vickie still in a wheelchair - she was up and running on Smackdown.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge (C) vs. Undertaker
The ref shows the belt and we're underway! Taker does the "You're Dead" neck sign and Edge pushes him and gets in some punches. Taker counters with a clothesline and then one that sends Edge outside. They move the action to the apron where Taker pulls Edge down over the top rope. Back in the ring, Taker gives Edge some punches and elbows in the corner. Taker goes for the Taker splash, but Edge counters with a kick. Taker recovers and slams Edge backwards off the ropes. Back to the middle and Taker has an arm hold and goes for the Old School - Edge counters, BUT TAKER GOES FOR AN ARMDRAG OFF THE TOP ROPE! Edge is thrown to the corner and Taker tries a back splash, but Edge counters and Taker flies to the outside! Taker tries to get in to beat the ten count, but Edge does a sliding kick that sends Taker back out! Taker tries to get in again, but another sliding kick. Edge heads out and starts punching Taker and then drags him back to the apron. EDGE BOTCHES A NECKBREAKER OFF THE ROPE!
Undertaker sells it and falls outside again. Back in the ring, Edge is still in control and shoulder blocks Taker into the corner. Taker continues taking punshment from Edge. Taker mounts a comeback and tries to slam Edge - counter into a crossbody slam and Edge gets a two count! Taker is up, but Edge does a sweet drop kick! Edge goes to the top rope, but Taker throws him to the outside. In a repeat of last year's Mania - UNDERTAKER DOES A SUICIDE DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO EDGE!!!! Taker sets Edge up on the apron and does a running boot to the head. He then follows up with a drop kick on the apron! TWO COUNT FOR TAKER!
Taker tries to lift Edge for the Tombstone Piledriver, but he's selling his injured back and can't do it! Edge takes advantage and gets a two count! The action moves to the outside and EDGE LIFTS TAKER AND SLAMS HIM BACK FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE!!!! Edge then tries to suplex Taker, but thinks twice and rolls him back into the ring. TWO COUNT FOR EDGE BUT TAKER KICKS OUT! Edge then goes into a "half boston crab" to keep working over Taker's back. Edge keeps the hold and this gives me time to realize that COACH AND COLE ARE ANNOUNCING THE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT! Taker gets out of the Crab, but Edge goes into another hold. Taker reverses, but Edge still has the advantage.
The two men start trading haymakers as the crowd cheers Taker. Taker starts mounting his comback and then they start tradin shots again. Taker starts getting the advantage!!! Taker splash in the corner!! Another Taker Splash! SNAKE EYES! Another splash - NO WAIT - EDGE COUNTERS WITH A DROP KICK AND A TWO COUNT! Edge to the top rope, but Taker counters with a chokeslam attempt. Edge counters that and gets an DDT in! Taker gets hit again and Edge gets another two count. Taker finally gets in a chokeslam and ONLY GETS A TWO COUNT!! Taker tries the Old School, but Edge counters and Taker gets the top rope between his legs. Cole sells the fact that Taker never has defeated Edge. EDGE SUPLEXES TAKER OFF THE TOP ROPE FOR A TWO COUNT!
Taker gets up, but Edge keeps working him over in the corner. TAKER REVERSES AND TRIES A POWERBOMB BUT EDGE COUNTERS WITH A NECKBREAKER AND GETS ANOTHER TWO COUNT! NOW TAKER HAS THE ADVANTAGE AND GETS A POWER BOMB FOR A TWO COUNT! This match has kept going back and forth with a lot of near falls. Taker calls for the Tombstone, but Edge counters again for another two count. Taker throws Edge against the ropes, but Edge counters with a kick. TAKER FINALLY GETS THE OLD SCHOOL! Taker attempts a running kick, but misses and knocks out the ref. Edge takes advantage and works Taker over on the floor! Taker tries for the comeback, but gets low blowed!!! No ref, so Edge is still good. Edge heads outside and takes a camera AND SLAMS TAKER IN THE HEAD WITH THE CAMERA!!!
Edge tries to get the ref up, but he's out cold. Both men get up, Edge tries for another neckbreaker, BUT TAKER REVERSES INTO A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. There's no ref!!! WAIT A REF RUNS OUT BUT HE'S TOO LATE - EDGE KICKS OUT AT TWO! The Edge Heads run to the ring and try to interfere, but Taker catches one of them and slams him into the other. EDGE THEN SPEARS TAKER AND GETS....A TWO COUNT! That one was close. Edge sets up for another spear AND GETS IT. He goes for the pin, BUT TAKER LOCKS IN THE GOGPLATA CHOKE!!! EDGE struggles to get to the ropes.... BUT HE TAPS OUT!!!! EDGE TAPS OUT TO THE GOGO PLATA!!!!! YOUR WINNER AND NEW CHAMPION, THE 16-0 UNDERTAKER!!!!!! Edge is bleeding from the mouth and Taker is so exhuasted he can barely stand up.

They play Undertaker's music and pop a huge pyro show - presumably the barge that was mentioned earlier. Cole thanks us for tuning in and then we head to the recap video.

Thanks for logging on to for Wrestlemania 24 and keep a look out for the podcasts to come that will likely be full of Wrestlemania talk!!!
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