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slunk low in the tahoe so niggaz dont notice him
hand wrapped around the jammy, eyes red and focusing
"how money gonna play me like ps3? he not knowing
im a v.e.t." that what he thinks
closing in from the east, a white grand marquis
the target but whos that sparking in the passenger seat?
a barbie look like light skin, petite
"fuck it, im gonna have to snuff her off of g.p."
he peeped as they parked and walked to the front door
too early in the evening to do the hit on the front porch
waited ten minutes, hopped out, weapon concealed and
looked around quick before he dipped to da back of the building
the lights was on in the kitchen, he could smell fish
glimpse thru the window, saw old girl working the skillet
kicked in the back door clapping the biscuit
she caught 3 in the titty, fell on the stove and went limp
homey stormed down the stairs "fuck is this shit?"
dub duce spitting out lead and not a bullet hit
"remember me?" our hero blurted out from around the door frame
"you sold me that shitty cocaine"
"i had a name in atl before you fucked my sells. the ol' switch-a-roo,
you knew shit wasnt the real"
"abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"

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