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Originally Posted by Blackula View Post
Hahahaha .. that reminds me back in highschool with our History teacher .. he was such a douche bag .. no one liked him cause he'd always send someone to the office every single day... so some of us decided to put super glue on the phone in the classroom that he used to call the office to notify them that some student was heading down.

Hahaha and surely he did call to send someone down to the office... He got so mad we were all just trying so hard to hold out laughter in.. Dude was flipping out, he got beat red in the face yelling " WHO DID THIS!? YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY!?" .. hahah We all got a weeks detention cause no one confessed to who was behind it, but it wasn't so bad cause we just sat in the room and chilled for 30 minutes at lunch.
lol supaglue is cool
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