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Killa Beez - 4/5 - raw beat, still a bit Digi, but Deck comes correct
Out Think Me Now - 3/5 - i like Solomons, but the beat was grating, piano was too loud
Bar Mitzvah - 1/5 - terrible, wack joint
Doe Rae Wu - 2/5 - Bob Digi is at his worst here, stupid beat, ODB is out of form
Bluntz, Martinez, Girlz & Gunz - 4.5/5 - Warcloud at his best, sparse beat that fits Robot Tank perfectly
Dancing With Wolves - 4.5/5 - another HOT track, sick beat, great lyrics, Killarmy on fire
Spend Money - 3/5 - a bit of a meh track, nothing special, boring beat, its okay...
Takin Up Space - 4/5 - DOPE, nice beat, hot lyrics, great song
Rollin - 1.5/5 - apart from the dope drums, its wack...
Get At Me - 2/5 - the moment they say "something for the radio" you know its gonna suck...
Spit That G - 5/5 - awesome raw beat, heavy as, strong lyrics, aggressive feel
Woodchuck - 4.5/5 - another great beat, posse absolutely kills it, WARCLOUD!
G.A.T. - 3/5 - its okay, beat is at a great pace for North Star, pretty average...
Hatin' Don't Pay - 1/5 - dear god, that is poor...damn Freemurda
When You COme Home - 2.5/5 - its pretty poor, i like the vibe but Shyheim doesn't bring it...
KB Ridin - 10/5 - THIS IS THE BOMB! Loving the raw beat, back to 36 Chambers vibe, everyone brings it, Suga Bang Bang provides a real raw sung chorus...LOVE it!

Odyssey - 4/5 - very very nice track, i like it, Digi Digi Digi...
Thirsty - 3.5/5 - i like it, too short but a hot track
Digi-Electronics - 4/5 - beat is a bit annoying, very Digi, but the MC's come correct...
Billy - 3/5 - its a pretty average track
La Rhumba - 1/5 - never liked this song at all
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