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Default Re: Self Assessment...


Name? Alex
Age? 13
Height? 5'10''
Weight? 120
Gender? male/ sometimes not
Race? winner
Nationality? asian
Hairstyle? shit i donno, cavehead
Hair Colour? dark brown
Eye Colour? brown
Sexuality?hella horny
Religion? fuck religion
Star Sign? big dipper son!
Profession? masturbation/techniques
Marital Status? single
If single, do u have a gf/bf? no son! im single!
Children? little ones floatin in the sack
Education? not too smart, learning quickly

The boring stuff

U smoke? yeah
U drink? yeah
U use drugs? yeah
Interests? dirty pussy, eating out young girls
Right or Left handed? left
Weaknesses? ball kicking, dangerouse men, big bad men
Fears? the forest filled with DEMONS!
Ambitions in life? to have sex?
Physical feature yer most proud of? my huge cock son
Do u swear? yeah
Do u sing? yeah
Do u dance? i play the wall
Shower or bath? shower, baths get your shit back on you
How often do u shower/bath each day? everyday, on occasion i skip to get funky for ya
Do you go to a gym? no
If so how many days / week? never, im a little bitch

The good stuff

If u have named yer private part/s lol, whats it/they called? penis is big ass willy, balls fred and joehanesburg asshole is dirtycavedweller
Do you masturbate? hell yeahhhhhhhh
How often? everyday, once i did ten times and my cock was throbbing with pain.
Are you a virgin? yes, cause i only suck cock. but no, im just wack
If no, at what age did you get "corrupted"? my mind is pretty fucked, not my syphilis dick
Have you slept with more than 10 people? yeah, didnt fuck any, most were men
More than 20? i donno about that many
More than 30?NO
More than 40?NONONONO
More than 50? fucking gay questions
If more than 50, have you been tested for HIV? i was when i masturbated 10 times in a row
Favourite sexual position? shit in my eyes and piss in her mouth
Ever had a 3 some? jackoff festival with my friends girlfriend and my cousin who was like touch my vaginaaaaa
Ever had a 4 some or more? no
Do you enjoy roleplay? not really
Any sexual fantasies still to be fulfilled? sex with my cousin, sex with little girls at the park, sex with my ex
Ever used any toys in bed?
Own any? If yes what are they? some of you know about my incounter with the pencil in my asshole
Favourite place to get freaky? at friends houses so i can jiz on their pillows
Music you bang to? bloodsandcrips bangin on wax because they bang aswell
U like giving or recieving oral sex better? giving, especially when im coifed on
If you could fuck any woman / man in the world tonight, who would it be? my ex girlfriend, just cause i like girls i know more than stars
Do you watch pornos? yeah
Do you own pornos? yeah, just the gay ones
Would you ever do a porno? hell yeah, i know some fine gimps
Seriously? yeah....?
You wouldnt pussy out when you got butt naked on cam? NO SON@!#z25
You ever been naked on a cam? yeah when i talk to girls online and they are like seecockplease?
You ever got a chick / man naked on cam? nope
Do you own a webcam? hhahahaah! Just messin... i do, you want some big boy?
If you are a sexy female, and you got raped 1 night out camping would you tell any1? hell yeah, but i would be like its cool though he cummed on my head and not on my lips
Wanna go camping?not really
Do you shave down south? i shaved the sides yesterday, it gets too itchy so i doubt i will anymore
Ever had an STD? Hahaha! syphilis, and gonnorea
Do you wear condoms? no, not regularly
Do you like wearing them? once in a while
Ever shagged a celebrity? haha no
Maddest place you had sex? girlfriends mom's room while she was sleeping in there
Any fetishes? yeah piss, poop, anuses so big rocks can be thrown in them

The cheese

Do you want to marry some day? yeah
Do you want kids? yeah
If so how many? 3
Are you in love with anybody? yeah
Ever been in love? yeah
Have you ever been dumped? yeah
Ever been in a proper relationship? yeah
How attractive would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 - 10? i would rate myself 4, you guys would all rate me 10

Im curious

Do you have any pets? no
Wit kinda animal is it? Wits the fuckers name? penis, big ass willy
Do you get on with your family? uhhhhh horny with them???
Who do you live wit? dad
Any Tattoos? no, just the syphilis scars
Where? penis and arms
Any piercings? no
Where? no
Can you drive? yes i can, but am not allowed
What do you drive? i got an alfaremayo or w/e that my uncles giving me
Have you tried sushi? yeah
Which countries have you visited? california, mexico, canada, phillipines, toronto, san francisco, etc...
Which countries do you want to visit? south africa
Which political party do you vote for? the guy who was green colored and liked trees
Do you like giraffes? they are okay, smaller penis then me
Ever stole anything? yeah
Ever been beaten up? hell yeah
Ever been shot? with cum yes
Ever been stabbed / slashed? slashed a few times
Ever beat any1 up? yeah
Ever shot any1? no
Ever stabbed / slashed any1? yes
Whats the weirdest object you ever been hit with? a frisbee, a fork, and a boot all purposely thrown
Whats the weirdest object you ever hit some1 with? maybe my balls or a pencil
Ever done time in jail? no
Ever witnessed murder? yeah
Ever seen a dead body? yeah
U wanna? i have


Ever had a major operation? no
How do you want to die when your time comes? with pussies on my cock
How would you NOT wanna go out? with no pussies on my cock
What did you wanna be as a kid? i wanted to be a fucking explorer and i was
Who do you look up to in life? honestly all you wucorp guys, i love you all and i dont have too many good friends.
Any regrets in life so far? yeah, trying to kill myself
3 words that best describe you? weird, sexual, a kid
Do you hink Ciara is really a hermaphrodite? yeah i seen her balls
Was your birth an accident? nope, i wish. that would piss my dad off a lot hahahaha
Do you know your father? yeah
U sure? pretty sure
Are you homophobic? on ocassion
Do you accept homosexuality? not if they biting on my cock
What about lesbians though? lesbians are dope
And bi bitches? my ex is one, she still has a nice pussy
Did OJ do it? i dont even know this story
If you were on the jury would you have convicted OJ? yeah, he is jk, i dont know the story!
Wit about Michael Jackson? he is a good dancer
If you could meet any1 in the world who would it be? thats hard, AK Spray, G, Lucky, Skale, Sicka, Ron, Wucorpers...... or U-God
If God gave you a new talent, wit would it be? probably a no gag reflex
If God offered you an extra penis or punani would you take it? lol. i dont need three dicks
Do you even believe in God? yeah, but i dont believe in religion. god is just a man that im cool with
Do you believe we re-enter this world as some1 else? yeah, we comeback as cameltoes
D you believe in ghosts? yes
Have you ever seen a ghost? yes i have
Have you ever seen a goat? yeah, WUTANGCLAN
Does Pinocchio have wooden balls man? no, they are real boys' balls
Do you want another Wu-Tang album? YES!!!!!!


Sports Teams? Expos International Baseball
Music? Wu tang, MF DOOM, AK SPRAY, G, Tuco, etc....
Food? french fries
Breakfast Cereal? i havent ate breakfast for a couple years now, seriously
Ice cream flavour? ummm whatcha call it??? uhhhh, damn umm... yellow custard!
Clothing Labels? anything
Fragrance / Perfume? origional
TV Show? dave chapelle
Author? j.d. salinger
Movies? sin city
Actor? brad pitt, matt damon, johnny depp
Actress? denzel washington
Animal? PUGS!
Colour? red
Car / Bike? MONGOOSE!
Magazine? hustler
Website? and
Trainers / Sneakers? adidas and wallys
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