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Default Re: Self Assessment...

Originally Posted by akabobbyd
well shit, i dont wanna lie. i express myself through what i see and not want my penis wants to fuck
Thats deep

Right, spose I better do mine...


Name? Allan
Age? 22
Height? 6,1"
Weight? 210-230? will check in 4 weeks...
Gender? Male
Race? White
Nationality? Scottish, 1/4 Irish
Hairstyle? Hair is for females
Hair Colour? Blonde I hink, shaved it since I was bout 10
Eye Colour? Blue
Sexuality? Straight
Religion? Catholic
Star Sign? Aries (lotta shite though)
Profession? Fighter, coach, personal trainer, pt bouncer
Marital Status? Single
If single, do u have a gf/bf? Naw
Children? Dont hink so
Education? Higher National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science

The boring stuff

U smoke? Naw, never have, never will
U drink? No anymore naw
U use drugs? Naw, my body is a temple
Interests? Fight shit, training, bodybuildin, women, rap, films, football, NFL, athletics, chessboxin, etc;
Right or Left handed? Right
Weaknesses? Loss my temper too easy, my loyalty gets me into other peoples troubles so I spose thats a weakness I just cant fix
Fears? Defeat! Big time, cant lie. Can and will not accept it ever.
Ambitions in life? Stay healthy and undefeated, win titles in muay thai and do well in Pride FC if its still going, make my paper, buy a gym, train others who never had the chance, settle n start a family.
Physical feature yer most proud of? Traps.
Do u swear? Aye.
Do u sing? Naw.
Do u dance? Naw.
Shower or bath? Shower.
How often do u shower/bath each day? trainin about 5, off twice
Do you go to a gym? Aye. A few.
If so how many days / week? Every day for different shit.

The good stuff

If u have named yer private part/s lol, whats it/they called? The Allaconda!
Do you masturbate? No anymore.
How often?
Are you a virgin? Naw.
If no, at what age did you get "corrupted"? 14.
Have you slept with more than 10 people? Aye.
More than 20? Aye.
More than 30? Aye.
More than 40? Aye.
More than 50? Aye.
If more than 50, have you been tested for HIV? Indirectly aye lol.
Favourite sexual position? Doggystyle.
Ever had a 3 some? Aye.
Ever had a 4 some or more? Aye but it was shite.
Do you enjoy roleplay? Aye, nurses and cop bitches turn me the fuck on.
Any sexual fantasies still to be fulfilled? Aye, lots. Wanna be tied up, blindfolded, raped and tortured by a real aggressive bitch lol.
Ever used any toys in bed? Aye.
Own any? If yes what are they? Furry handcuffs, a whip, blindfold.
Favourite place to get freaky? Couch / Sofa. More leverage than a bed.
Music you bang to? Nuttin. I like it raw.
U like giving or recieving oral sex better? Recieving easy.
If you could fuck any woman / man in the world tonight, who would it be? Amerie.
Do you watch pornos? Aye.
Do you own pornos? A couple.
Would you ever do a porno? Done 1 kinda.
Seriously? Aye.
You wouldnt pussy out when you got butt naked on cam? I have no pussy in me anywhere
You ever been naked on a cam? Hahaha, shit I fucked up. Aye.
You ever got a chick / man naked on cam? A few bitches aye.
Do you own a webcam? hhahahaah! Just messin... No anymore hahaha!
If you are a sexy female, and you got raped 1 night out camping would you tell any1? Would ya?
Wanna go camping? Do ya?
Do you shave down south? Aye, but no recently. The porno penis is after that natural look.
Ever had an STD? Hahaha! Dont hink so.
Do you wear condoms? Aye.
Do you like wearing them? Naw, depends. I do if she taking orders fae the back door.
Ever shagged a celebrity? Aye.
Maddest place you had sex? In a classroom in high school
Any fetishes? High heels and stockings.

The cheese

Do you want to marry some day? Aye.
Do you want kids? Aye.
If so how many? At least 5 boys. About 7 seeds.
Are you in love with anybody? Naw.
Ever been in love? Naw.
Have you ever been dumped? Naw.
Ever been in a proper relationship? Naw.
How attractive would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 - 10? 10. Wit? lol.

Im curious

Do you have any pets? Dog.
Wit kinda animal is it? Wits the fuckers name? German Shepherd called Zak (got him at 8 months, he wouldnt respond to nuttin else, tried Kahn, Saddam, Biggie, Kadafi etc; but he just looked at me funny)...
Do you get on with your family? Aye.
Who do you live wit? Either myself, parents or elsewhere lol.
Any Tattoos? Naw.
Any piercings? Their gay.
Can you drive? Aye.
What do you drive? Depends lol.
Have you tried sushi? Naw, need to.
Which countries have you visited? Usa (florida), Ireland, England, Wales.
Which countries do you want to visit? Brasil, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Jamaica, Cuba, Australia, Canada and more of USA.
Which political party do you vote for? Fuck politics, no point man.
Do you like giraffes? Aye.
Ever stole anything? Aye.
Ever been beaten up? Never.
Ever been shot? Aye.
Ever been stabbed / slashed? Aye.
Ever beat any1 up? lol. Aye...
Ever shot any1? Aye.
Ever stabbed / slashed any1? Aye.
Whats the weirdest object you ever been hit with? A dildo.
Whats the weirdest object you ever hit some1 with? A spade lmao.
Ever done time in jail? Short term. No evidence
Ever witnessed murder? Aye, Im Scottish...
Ever seen a dead body? Oh aye.
U wanna? No more please.


Ever had a major operation? Naw.
How do you want to die when your time comes? In my sleep wit a boner.
How would you NOT wanna go out? Tied up and fed to pigs or rats, nuh uh.
What did you wanna be as a kid? Fighter.
Who do you look up to in life? Rickson Gracie and his family, Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, LT, Ray Lewis, Hugh Heff, The Wu (for real), Ali, Gotti, Al Capone, Che Guevara, Castro, Michael Collins (tiocfaidh ar la), Bobby Sands, Mandella, Pele, Maradonna, Jinky Johnstone, Michael Jordan, etc;
Any regrets in life so far? No going to Thailand when I had the chance.
3 words that best describe you? Strength, Loyalty, Determination.
Do you hink Ciara is really a hermaphrodite? Fuck naw.
Was your birth an accident? Donno.
Do you know your father? Aye.
U sure? Aye, he is a shorter, fatter, lazier version of me, wit a bit more hair
Are you homophobic? Naw.
Do you accept homosexuality? Fuck naw.
What about lesbians though? Naw, thier gay.
And bi bitches? Hehehe, all good.
Did OJ do it? Aye.
If you were on the jury would you have convicted OJ? Fuck naw! Bitch deserved to go.
Wit about Michael Jackson? I donno man. He prolly guilty.
If you could meet any1 in the world who would it be? Rickson Gracie.
If God gave you a new talent, wit would it be? Read womens minds (fantasy) or fluency in many languages (realistic).
If God offered you an extra penis or punani would you take it? lol. Ppppfff, Nahhh.
Do you even believe in God? Aye.
Do you believe we re-enter this world as some1 else? Naw.
D you believe in ghosts? Aye.
Have you ever seen a ghost? Kinda.
Have you ever seen a goat? Aye.
Does Pinocchio have wooden balls man? Aye.
Do you want another Wu-Tang album? Aye, long as they come together right for 1 last message.


Sports Teams? Football - Celtic (club), Brasil and Ireland (country), NFL - Ravens.
Music? Rap n some reggae. Wu, Biggie, Big L, 2pac, Busta, Nas, Cypress Hill, Canibus, DMX, Xzibit, Snoop (older shit), Onyx, Ice Cube, Ice T, some Jigga, Jeru, Luda, Mobb Deep, Redman, Rakim, Kool G Rap, Kane, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, Bob and Damion Marley, etc;
Food? Italiano, soprattutto il maccherone
Breakfast Cereal? Weetabix.
Ice cream flavour? Chocolate, but I dont discriminate
Clothing Labels? Lacoste, Timberland
Fragrance / Perfume? Lacoste
TV Show? Fight Night on SKY
Author? Sun Tzu, the art of war cannot be matched. I dont read fiction.
Movies? Braveheart, Scarface, Godfathers, City Of God, Pootie Tang, Any Given Sunday, Belly, Menace 2 Society, Freddy Got Fingered, Enter the Dragon, Big Boss, lots... Depends on my mood.
Actor? Bruce Lee and Al Pacino tied
Actress? Gabrielle Union lol, could watch her ass all fuckin day. Or Halle Berry.
Animal? Dogs, Wolves, Lions and Crocs. Love all animals part fae midgies (Scottish version of mosquitos - die already)
Colour? Green.
Car / Bike? Red Ferrari F40. No question.
Magazine? Flex or Fightsport.
Website? murfuckers!
Trainers / Sneakers? Adidas Superstar Low (I only buy em in all white, but buy diff designs - got 8 pair of the shits).

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