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Originally Posted by Jasper View Post
I was hoping this would have some Wu collaborations. Did Rza contribute any production? I'll probably still get it anyway, but it would be better with at least some Rza.
No collabos on this project because it is intended to introduce the artists. Though we would definitely love to collab with the Wu, I think (at least on my end) that we need to earn the invitation to collab with them just like anyone else would. Though there aren't any collabos on this project (with Wu members), we are working on side projects with other Wu affiliates, and the official projects from the artists should have some collaboration from the Wu and Wu affiliates.

As for production, Rza has no production on this project. Part of introducing new artists is introducing their producers as well. I, for one, have my own producers, and though I would love to someday have a track produced by Rza I am all about my music, and if he produced it it wouldn't sound like me- it would sound like HIS music.
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