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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

Your 100% correct. I thought it was just me, but that song (Diesel) is deep, if carefully listened to. "No more doctors deliverin my babies/takin pills/killin me slooowly"- ODB
"10 percentage tryin to drain me of my mental strenthage"- RZA
"People swam 9/didn't know their own kind/wrong time"- Raekwon (when he says "people swam 9/didn't know their own kind", he's referin to a lesson we study among the 5% called The English C Lesson. This lesson explains a whole lot in regards to history, they swam 9, meaning the 9,000 miles between Africa and America. So after the slaves were brought to this part of the planet, after years of adaptation they didn't even know their own kind. They were hateful and spiteful towards each other.
The Holy Temple Is The Mental
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