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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

the 5% nation is something i'm not too familiar with...and the main part of the wu i don't connect with...even though i respect it...i'm not a very religious or spiritual person...
That's cool, my nig, to each his own. However, 5 Percenters are not religious people because we have come to understand (like many other people who are not necessarily 5 Percenters) that religion is the root of many of today's illness (both mentally & physically). We are not Muslims, that is a MAJOR mis-conception. Muslims practice Islam as a religion and 5 Percenters live out Islam as the original man's culture (or way of life). It's the way we act, how we think, what we eat, ect. We only teach those who want to be taught. Christians & Muslims however would condemn you and say your going to "hell" if u don't follow their religions.

At least you show your respect. PEACE to you bro.
The Holy Temple Is The Mental
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