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Default Re: The Official Wustrumental Thread

Originally Posted by Sun_Tzu
the whole purpose of this thread is to spread the instrumentals to all wu tang fans, why would you be greedy with something that's not even really "yours"? So naw, i'm not gonna really trade with you cause i have mostly all the songs instrumentals from the albums you if you wanna put a few up that's the purpose of this for me i'm gonna put more shit up later, but i see niggas bein greedy not really postin shit so i feel like i shouldn't waste my time anymore, ya know?
I wasn't talking about trading between you and I to keep it from being on here. I was talking about putting them on here in order to keep this thread going seeing as how you wanted to do that. It's all good either way. I still got the joints and I'm sure a lot of ya'll don't out there so as soon as I get home I'll start putting my contribution up.
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