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here's a recap of the rest of the matches from tna
got them from

Written by Stevie J.

For many of the fans watching tonight Samoa Joe defeating Kurt Angle to finally become TNA World Champion is their last great hope of salvation for the TNA brand. Some of them are even willing to take a chance and spend $30 to see if TNA will make good on a stip that either sees Joe win the title or retire forever. In traditional pro wrestling the babyface wins the title in 99% of such matches. If Vince Russo screws them with a ridiculous swerve or Karen Angle interference though, it's likely to be the last $30 they ever spend on TNA. Click F5 or refresh throughout the night to see live updates on all of the action!
I may be alone in this but I miss the days when TNA would give away a dark match (or two) in the 30 minute preview before the PPV went live. These days it's just a hype video that repeats as many times in that span as possible. I hardly need the reminders at this point that Booker T hates Robert Roode, Christian Cage hates Tyson Tomko or Kurt Angle hates Samoa Joe. The only thing that redeems this waste of time is getting to hear Operator's adrenaline-fueled "Nothing to Lose." You've already got my money TNA, let's get on with the show!
Speaking of unnecessary reminders, Mike Tenay opens the show with a promo inside an empty venue and empty cage, reminding us that tonight is Samoa Joe's last stand - win or retire. Next we get a video package of blowing sands, roaring seas and flowing lava. "I have no heart, I have no soul, and you mortals cannot conquer me. Here I stand, TALL AND ERECT AND BRAVE MEN QUIVER and fall at my feet." (Yeesh.) Everybody I mentioned in the paragraph above cuts a promo full of anger and venom as the video narrator continues. "I am the devourer of men's dreams! Be afraid, be very afraid. God have mercy on their souls."
FINALLY~! Four minutes in we are live from Lowell at the Tsongas Arena. Now quite honestly, what fucking lamebrain decided to name an arena after Paul motherf'n Tsongas?! Speaking of lamebrains, Don West is in the crowd wearing a matching red tie and t-shirt interviewing the fans, and nearly all of them believe that Joe is going to beat Angle tonight. J.B. does interviews too and he is pretty far back in the audience. As the crane camera pans up I have to admit it looks like a very full and hot crowd tonight - I could speculate on how much they papered it to achieve that but I choose not to because it's time for our opening match!
* TNA XScape Match: Jay Lethal {C} v. five challengers
He's hot, he's spicy, he tastes great, he's CHRISTOPHER DA... I mean HE'S CURRY MAN~! The second participant to make his way down to the six sides is Johnny Devine. Is he still in Paparazzi Productions? He's definitely carrying a tripod with a camera over his shoulder. I thought they killed that gimmick back when Shelley and Sabin formed the Motor City Machine Guns and Devine aligned himself with Team 3D, shows what I know. Our third man out is Consequences Creed. Pretty meteoric rise for Creed in the last month considering he went from not even being on Impact to actually having a shot at the X Division title tonight. 'The Guru' Sonjay Dutt is the fourth man out. I wish they'd stop calling him The Guru now, the concept is long since dead. Here comes Shark Boy 24:7! He's the last man to enter the six sides of steel before our champion 'Black Machismo' Jay Lethal makes his way down with the belt, and SoCal Val seems very happy to see him. The cage is sealed and the referee calls for the bell - here we go!
As has been the case in Lockdowns past there are strategic holes cut into the cage for a camera man to stick his lens through and get us some unobstructed shots. Dutt and Lethal do a little double team work, putting Devine on the top rope, Shark Boy and Curry Man pull them off, while Devine holds onto the cage and survives only to be attacked by Creed. Shark Boy nearly gets an elimination with a Stunner but instead it's Dutt who gets taken out with a roll-up by Devine. SONJAY DUTT IS OUT. I would have thought for sure Stone Cold Sharkey would go first. Curry Man puts Creed in the ropes and hits him with a flying hip attack. Shark Boy and Curry Man knock noggins, Creed hits a hammerlock DDT on Sharkey and he's gone! SHARK BOY OUT. Creed nearly eliminates Curry Man with a clothesline but Curry Man walks across his back and gets a clothesline of his own. Curry Man to the top of the cage! Before he can do anything Devine shakes the cage fence to knock him down and he's left dangling with his feet on the outside and head on the inside. Several men go up after him only to come crashing back down. Lethal gets an incredibly high back bodydrop by Creed and Devine, but Curry Man finally finds his footing and moonsaults them both! If that doesn't prove Curry Man is the Fallen Angel to the skeptics, I don't know what will. Spice Rack on Creed for three! CONSEQUENCES CREED IS OUT. Devine tries to sneak in a roll up on him and only gets two. Curry Man and Lethal end up working on each other as Devine takes a powder, only making the save when Curry Man hits the Spice Rack on lethal. Devine then hits him with Divine Intervention to get the pin. CURRY MAN ELIMINATED.
It's down to Johnny Devine and Black Machismo in an escape the cage one on one match for the title. Devine unwraps the tape around his wrists and tapes Lethal up so he can't get out! Dutt runs over to the cage door and blocks Devine from going out, then tosses in a boxcutter so Lethal can cut the tape free. Devine is about to drop down from the top of the cage but the freed Lethal takes a suicide dive through the door and gets to the floor first! WINNER AND STILL X DIVISION CHAMPION: BLACK MACHISMO. I'm honestly surprised Machismo's "friend" Dutt didn't screw him here. Nice touch by TNA to show highlights from the match as Lethal celebrates with Dutt and Val instead of immediately going TO THE BACK. In fact we even get to see them high-fiving and hugging on the entrance ramp for a little bit AFTER the video package.
Jeremy Borash interviews Frank Trigg. Trigg puts over Angle as having been in the spotlight at the Olympics, under intense pressure, knowing how to win when it's all on the line. He says Joe may actually be better on the ground at this point in their careers but overall he doesn't believe there's anything Joe can do. He puts over Marcus Davis, saying they mashed a grueling 8 week training regimen into 5, and says it's POSSIBLE that Joe could win but it's also POSSIBLE he could be President of the US. He notes it's a shame if Joe gets retired given how much he's done for pro wrestling, but hopes they can at least have a nice bottle of champagne at the going away part.
* TNA 'Queen of the Cage' Match
Our first entrant tonight is Christy Hemme. Don West says to hide your microphones when she's around! Here comes the Big Titty Vampire herself Salinas! ORALE! ARRIBA LAS TA-TAS! Speaking of ta-tas here comes Jacqueline and her watermelon sized knockers. People are mad that WWE retired their Cruiserweight Championship, but it doesn't hurt to remember that "prestigious" belt was held by the likes of Jacqueline, Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Hornswoggle. Traci Brooks is the next woman out and has now almost entirely shed her Roode look in favor of a cheerleader motif. Next up are Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Rhaka Khan follows shortly after them and our last participant to come out is Roxxi Laveaux.
The ring announcer explains that in five seconds everyone has to fight to climb in the cage, and sure enough when the bell rings that's exactly what we DON'T GET. A halfhearted attempt at getting in is made by a few of the women before they start pairing off and brawling on the outside. Angelina Love manages to escape the fray and carefully... GINGERLY even climibing her way inside. Christy Hemme and Salinas stop Rhaka Khan from getting in. Velvet Sky makes her way up but Roxxi Laveaux stops her with a couple of punches to the back then overtakes her climb and makes it to the inside! ROXXI LAVEAUX V. ANGELINA LOVE FOR QUEEN OF THE CAGE.
Tenay tells us that the good news is the winner of the cage match gets a title shot, and the bad news is that title shot will be against Awesome Kong. All of the other women seem to have rapidly taken a powder as the match gets underway - I would have found it more believable if they cared enough to stay at cageside and watch. Angelina Love wraps a scarf around Roxxi's neck and tries to choke her out. Roxxi fights back but Love gets a big boot for two. Interesting booking here - they're making "the beautiful people" the heel and the goth voodoo chick the babyface - and I can't disagree with their assessment. Angelina Love gives her a faceplant move called Lights Out but Roxxi still kicks out just before 3. The crowd in Lowell is definitely siding with her - there's a loud RAWK-SEE chant. Laveaux knocks her into the cage and hits the Voodoo Drop, sending a shock straight down her spine and leaving her immobilized for the pin! YOUR QUEEN OF THE CAGE: ROXXI LAVEAUX.
Unfortunately this time they DO no sell the victory by IMMEDIATELY GOING TO THE BACK. TNA has yet another new backstage bimbo doing interviews - I didn't catch her name and I don't care. She interviews Joe and he cuts a promo full of shouting and phrases like "I'LL BE DAMNED KURT, I'LL BE DAMNED" and such. It's not bad really it's just not a surprise in any way to hear Joe shouting and foaming at the mouth with anger towards Angle at this point. Next we get the same BG James v. Kip James video package they showed all throughout the pre-show.
* Grudge Match: BG James v. Kip James
It's a little odd to hear BG James coming out to an instrumental version of the 3 Live Kru music, given that both Konnan and Ron 'The Truth' Killings have left the company. The largely unutilized rock guitars of the James Gang theme (underutilized since they almost immediately changed gimmicks to VKM) would have been much better. Kip overpowers BG inside the cage from even before the opening bell with a sucker punch. BG finally breaks free with an elbow and hits the ropes but Kip puts a knee square to his gut and takes him to the ground with a chinlock. There's some sort of crowd chant that can't be discerned - all I hear is the taunting "SHUT, THE, FUCK, UP!" from someone in response.
As BG's beatdown continues Don West needlessly reminds us that a cage has no give. Kip lazily makes a cover after the Lameasser and only gets two. Kip misses with a jump off the second rope and BG hits a shot to the nuts! (I didn't even know Billy Bitchcakes had a sack to begin with.) BG goes on offense with lefts and rights before throwing Kip headfirst into opposite sides of the cage repeatedly, finally landing a big overhand right and a drop knee for 2.5. Kip ducks a charging BG, he crotches himself, Kip sets up for a superkick but BG ducks that and gets a roll-up for three! WINNER: BG JAMES.
Wow, that was incredibly short and not nearly as violent as I had expected. I can't help but think this match was a letdown - not bad, just underwhelming. BG offers him a handshake, Kip accepts, Kip comes to the center of the ring and raises his hands then YES YOU SAW THIS COMING A MILE AWAY clotheslines him and stands over him hitting crotch chops. Kip smirks as we cut away to Kurt Angle being interviewed generic bimbo #23. Besides wasting time on a TNA PPV to put over WWE by name, he's even heard saying he had no good competition there so he HAD to start following TNA out of necessity. Of his match with Joe: "It's personal. It's DAMN personal!" Angle closes by staring at the camera and saying tonight is all about survival.
* 6 Teams, 12 Men, 11 Cuffs, 1 Idiot Named Vince Russo: Cuffed in a Cage Match
First team out are Rock 'n Rave Infection. The second team is supposed to be Eric Young and Kaz but Black Reign and Rellik Is Killer Backwards give Young a beatdown backstage. The referees insist Kazarian leave or get eliminated from the match while they tend to Young so Kaz comes out alone. He is shortly followed by RIKB and Black'n'Silverdust. Next up are the Motor City Machine Guns. For Cthulhu's sake, the more I think about it, the more Lockdown feels like the LET'S GET EVERYBODY ON THE DAMN ROSTER IN THE RING pay per view. LAX are out next. Our final team, complete with matching chain mail and muscular physique, are Big Poppa Pump and Little Petey Pump.
Just looking at the epic clusterfuck assembled in the cage I'm regretting the fact I chose not to drink during tonight's show. Kaz tries to stay outside and the officials insist he get in so the bell can ring. Calling this action is pointless - everybody's all over everybody. This retarded royal rumble only gets worse when RIKB and Black Reign handcuff Steiner first. Eric Young makes his way down to the cage but he's intimidated by the aforementioned duo and stops climbing up the cage. Of course you know this means he'll be coming back as Super Eric in a few minutes, which means it's now not a big deal whatsoever. The FIRST time we saw him during this entire match should have been with a couple minutes to go and ONLY with the Super Eric costume already on. It's going downhill quick as the Machine Guns are the next two to be cuffed. Some braintrust in the back thought that the way to go was to handcuff the most muscular and most popular wrestlers in the match first. Their only smart decision was to put this debacle in the middle of the show at the dead spot nobody could care about.
Hernandez crackerjacks Jimmy Rave into the cage in the most impressive moveofthe match yet. Rave is the bump machine for this match now as Kaz hits him off the ropes with a Flux Capacitor! Thank you Jimmy Rave. Don West, playing the role of Captain Obvious, states it's nearly impossible to follow this action. Really makes you wonder why they'd put something nobody could make any sense out of on an allegedly marquee PPV. Kaz gets a chokeslam from the top by Hoyt and is handcuff shortly thereafter. The only men not handcuffed now are the Monsters of Rock: Hoyt, Rave, RIKB and Golddust. That can mean only one thing and the crowd chant predicts it perfectly: NEVER FEAR, SUPER ERIC IS HERE~! He hits a crossbody from the top of the cage on all four men. Super Eric is double teamed by the monsters but avoids getting handcuffed and turns it around on Rellik, then slams BlackDust and cuffs him two. He breaks Kaz' handcuffs in half to set him free after the bell. WINNERS: SUPER ERIC AND KAZ, BUT REALLY JUST SUPER ERIC. Strawberry Letter 23 is backstage with Samoa Joe's family from the islands, with an elder statesman who looks AND sounds like Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka. After the interview she throws to a package for Kong and Saeed v. Kim and ODB.
* Grudge Match: Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed v. Gail Kim & ODB
Football players bump chests before a big game, but Gail Kim and ODB bump BOOBS. ODB has upgraded her flask gimmick, it's now camouflage. She and Kong start the match. ODB ducks a clothesline not once but twice and pounds her with fists, first to the chest, then to the rear! ODB tries to baseball slide through her legs but Kong grabs a handful of hair and tosses her aside. Gail Kim steps in and Kong tags out to Saeed. Kim gets a go behind but Saeed counters and starts slamming Kim's arm and wrist to the mat as hard as she can, all while wearing a full veil to disguise her identity. It's like she's having a blindfold cage match, only this time they're admitting the hood has eyeholes you can see through. Kim gives up on trying to outbrawl and starts hitting headscissors before a roll up for two.
As the ref is distracted Kong grabs Kim and slams her face into the cage. Saeed decides to make it even worse by kicking her head into the steel repeatedly before tagging in Kong. Kim is the face-in-peril times about one trillion right now, but she finally manages to knock Saeed down and crawl to ODB for the tag! Personally I would have let her beatdown go on a minute or two longer but they probably have to keep it short for the title match and Lethal Lockdown to use up the entire final hour. Kim starts climinb up the cage, Saeed cuts her off, but Kim turns it into a 'rana off the cage! The crowd goes crazy for it but Kong immediately decks her. ODB comes over to attack Kong and gets double teamed. Kong goes for a spinning backfist but ODB ducks and she cracks her own partner Saeed! Kong is knocked down by a missile dropkick off the ropes from Kim, and before she can get back up ODB jumps off the top rope with a splash and covers Saeed for three! WINNERS: GAIL KIM AND ODB. Unfortunately their celebration is cut short so we can go TO THE BACK with Jeremy Borash and Karen Angle. Yeuuuuch. Thankfully he throws to a video package for Booker v. Roode.
* Grudge Match: Robert Roode & Payton Banks v. Booker T & Sharmell
Payton Banks comes down with Roode, and Sharmell does with T. Was this SUPPOSED to be a mixed tag? I completely forgot but I guess it is. One thing is clear now - the entrances are getting shorter and they're spending much less time lingering in the ring before matches start. Clearly someone backstage feels they are pressed for time. Booker goes for a scissor kick but Payton provides a distraction and Roode hits a big spinebuster. There's no way in this situation that Booker is going to want to tag in Sharmell, even though in theory Roode would have to mutually tag out to Banks - but being a cowardly heel he wouldn't. Booker makes a comeback with a kick, works over Roode and gets a snap suplex for two. Floatover into a roll-up for two again and Booker follows it with a spinebuster of his own. SPINAROONIE TIME! He hits the spin but misses with the scissors kick, misses with the Book End, and Roode prevents any more attempts by ramming him into the steel cage.
Sharmell blind tags in! She starts slapping the hell out of Roode but Roode grabs her by the hair. The ref insists Payton tag in and she does. Roode holds her from behind, Banks goes over to mock Booker, Sharmell hits a blind kick to the balls that the cameraman misses, Banks turns around expecting to slap Sharmell only to hit Roode instead! She's stunned by what she's done! Sharmell rolls up the stunned Banks for three! WINNERS: BOOKER T & SHARMELL. Banks apologizes profusely as Roode berates her, threatens to do bodily harm to her, then waves a hand dismissively in her direction leaving the steel cage without her to in Tenay's words HEAD TO THE BACK. What do you know, the cameras are back there to with 23 Flavors in Dr. Pepper to interview 'Irish Hand Grenade' Marcus Davis, who says Joe will win tonight if he just stays focused.
* Lethal Lockdown: Team Cage v. Team Tomko
Christian Cage comes out first to a warm reception from the crowd in Lowell. Tomko is out second with his TNA Tag Title around his waist. Cage waits for him to step in but AJ Styles is already in the cage and jumps off the ropes bulldogging Christian to the mat! Tomko smirks and holds up his title as he backs up the ramp. Tenay "presumes" Styles climbed over the top of the cage while the lights in the building were darkened for their respective entrances. That means instead of the two captains starting this match, Cage and Styles are the opening duo for five minutes. On top of that we're informed that the heels "won the coin toss" so they get the next man out in the match as well. Holy fuck, somebody in TNA grew a freakin' brain and learned the right way to book War Games - give the heels the numbers advantage throughout! HUZZAH! Cage tries to reassert himself by going up top for a frog splash but misses. Styles tries to get a Styles Clash but Cage counters and hits a reverse DDT with one minute left. AJ counters an Unprettier attempt into a Pele Kick right as time expires.
BROTHER RAY IS THE NEXT MAN OUT. Just to add insult to injury Ray calls for Styles to throw Cage his way, then slams the cage door into his face. High back bodydrop by Ray on Cage. I think the crowd is chanting "3D SUCKS" but I can't tell for sure. The intervals have been shrunk to two minutes now. Brother Ray and Styles lay a big beating on Cage for that entire time.
HERE COMES RHINO! He hits a belly to belly suplex and prepares to clean house with the GORE but AJ Styles cuts him off with a dropkick to the head in mid charge. Rhino shakes it off and starts pummeling both men as Cage lays on the ground in a heap. One minute to go before the next man's in. Ray gets the better of Rhino and starts hitting him with knife edge chops, as Cage gets back to his feet and tries to choke Styles with a boot. He jumps on Ray's back with a sleeper but Ray shakes him off by falling straight backwards.
NEXT UP - COWBOY JAMES STORM. Storm immediately hits the Eye of the Storm on Cage. Heels with the numbers advantage up until the last man, plus the captain of the heels playing a chickenshit and coming out last out of all his men - DAMN GOOD BOOKING TNA, KUDOS. AJ and Cage work their way up to the top of the cage brawling with each other, and Ray headbutts the cage to make Christian fall to the ground outside hard!
KEVIN NASH COMES OUT. Instead of things being evened up the heels still have the numbers. Nash hits Snake Eyes on Styles but Storm and Ray corner him and work him over. Cage climbs back up to the top and crossbodies them both! Beautiful! Definitely worth the replay TNA showed, although I don't need Don West to tell me how un-freakin'-believable that was. We're only going to be even up for a few more seconds though. Our next man out is...
BROTHER DEVON. Team 3D spend the next two minutes double teaming members of Team Cage one at a time, including launching Cage high into the air straight into the fencing. Unfortunately for the Dudley Boyz they won't be able to keep this up for ever, because the next man out is genetically jacked and physically stacked.
HERE'S MATT MORGAN! Matt wastes no time charging down to the ring and gettin in to clean house. Ray and Devon try to double up on him but eat a double clothesline. AJ jumps his way out of a chokeslam but still gets thrown down on his face just moments later. 5-4-3-2-1... and here comes the captain!
YOU ARE, YOU ARE, TYSON TOMKO. He's trying to bring his title belt and a steel chair in with him but Earl Hebner disallows it since weapons aren't allowed UNTIL the top of the cage is lowered down. Somewhere in this mess Brother Devon got his forehead split open intentionally or on purpose and it's a crimson mask even with his superman suntan. Tomko and Cage go after each other "like cats and dogs" until our final man arrives.
HERE'S THE ICON STING! With the last man in it's time to lower the ceiling down onto this cage and make it a Lethal Lockdown. Sting throws AJ high in the air and punts him in the balls! For whatever reason they wait almost a full minute before announcing that the roof is being brought down. As it descends we see that some weapons are wedged into the top hanging down, and others are laid out across the top of the roof that's now in place, including tables and ladders (no chairs, oh my). Storm and Cage both go up topside to get some and while up there Cage hooks Storm for a suplex. Intentionally or otherwise the ceiling gives way and one of Storm's boots goes through. Cage drops him across the railing of the ceiling then beats him with a trash can lid while his leg is pinned.
Cage starts to set up a table on the roof but AJ comes up to cut him off and lay him out across it. Storm and AJ set up the ladder! Okay THIS IS FUCKING STUPID. AJ climbs to the top of the ladder, but Cage revives and gets over to the ladder, then cuts off Storm who was holding it in place. Cage climbs up the other side of the ladder, Storm recovers, tips over the ladder MERCIFULLY TOWARDS THE TABLE INSTEAD OF AWAY FROM IT and both Cage and Styles crash through the table... nearly going through the ceiling in the process! Wisely Storm climbs back down as the crowd chants THAT WAS AWESOME. Storm grabs a beer bottle and cracks Matt Morgan in the head with it! The stack of genetically jacked just got whacked! Before Storm can celebrate his dastardly deed he eats a GORRRRRE from Rhino and he gets the pin for three! YOUR WINNERS: TEAM CAGE. Okay I must admit that was one hell of a spectacle. I'm not sure that was the greatest War Games, or even the greatest Lethal Lockdown, but it definitely helped make Lockdown worth the price of admission. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle are up next!
* Kurt Angle {C} v. Samoa Joe (TNA World Championship + career-threatening match for Joe)
Frank Trigg comes down to ringside to join the commentary team. Joe's entrance is heralded by his Samoan fire dancers and he comes out screaming at the top of his lungs, looking as pumped up and intense as he has in his entire TNA career. We see Angle walking backstage with two security guards before a video package is shown. The champion Angle comes out next with the belt around his waist. Incidentally Karen was shown sitting in the crowd a few minutes ago. Believe it or not from the time Lethal Lockdown ended until this match started they managed to stall for almost 15 minutes. Long entrances with video packages, in-ring introductions with the presence of Marcus Davis inside the cage, and on top of all that when we were finally done with the "big match intro" by Jeremy Borash we stall for a few MORE minutes as Kurt spots his wife in the crowd and insists that security remove her. She throws a hissy fit, yells at her husband that she was here for him, he insists security do as he asks and she yells "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME" as loud as possible on live PPV at them. Man I wish she had never shown up, she's dragging a full star rating out of this match before it's even begun. Mercifully she leaves and we finally get underway.
The crowd is as hot as they've been all night for this one, as we aregetting dueling Joe and Angle chants sporadically throughout. Angle is showing off his Olympic credentials early, and Trigg is putting him over like a million bucks on commentary. Angle unloads on him with suplexes, uppercuts, takedowns, you name it. Angle even sweeps Joe off his feet and goes for a figure four leglock! Joe winces in pain and the ref keeps checking on him over and over but Joe refuses to tap. Trigg keeps saying Joe needs to use his weight advantage to turn Angle over and put the pressure on him, and after struggling for a couple of minutes he finally does, but Angle immediately grabs the ropes. I like the fact they're doing a slow build in this match.
Angle goes for a belly to belly suplex but Joe boxes Angle's ears and hits a clothesline that turns Angle inside out! He's selling having his vertical base damaged by Angle but manages to get to his feet and hit a running knee, a pele kick, he goes for a muscle buster... and Angle counters it into the ankle lock! It's too soon though, Joe gets out, and Joe is solidly on offense now. He does everything he can to Angle submission wise, including putting him in a Boston crab and applying a wicked looking crossface. Angle manages to get out of the crossface by hooking his ankle, and Joe counters it right back into another crossface. It's amazing how little they are doing yet how much of a reaction they are getting from the crowd, including JOE IS GONNA KILL YOU chants. Now that's two PROFESSIONAL wrestlers for you!
Well it's taken me forever to upload these updates because so many people are refreshing this post, but here's how it broke down at the end of the match. Angle came close to submitting Joe several times, Joe nearly submitted Angle several times, it was back and forth all the way to the end. Joe pulled Angle out of an ankle lock by rolling and yanking on the back of his trunks, and Angle fell into a rear naked choke. Angle grabbed a handful of the referee's shirt trying to escape and the ref let it go because he ruled Angle was going for the ropes. Angle got the rope break but it wasn't long after that before Joe managed to stun him, hit the muscle buster and absolutely SMOTHER Angle with his entire body weight to ensure he wouldn't kick out before three. Joe has done it! Joe has finally pulled it off! YOUR WINNER AND NEW TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: SAMOA JOE!! G'night everyone and stay tuned for a new K4D show on AngryMarks in a little bit!
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