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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

Yo my man your mad on point on all this shit. Specially the part where u say "If you believe in evolution, your true "virgin mary" is the earth that created you. If you belive in creation, your virgin mary is still the woman that fostered your creation, and is still the earth, and is still the "woman" (refering to the planet as female) who gave virgin birth." You probably was off on a couple of other things but for the most part u was correct in my humble opinion. I asume u have read some good books. Alot of the stuff in this song and other songs ("Impossible" from Wu-Tang Forever) comes from books like Vaccines Are Dangerous (a must read), also books like Behold A Pale Horse, Kill Them Before They Grow, and a whole bunch of others. My teacher (Sunez Allah) gave me a booklist of very informative books to read. Whoever wants the list, hit me up at my mailbox. Keep adding on, ryanmeister.

The Holy Temple Is The Mental
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