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Originally Posted by WuLatino- MANGANI View Post
I don't know of any album that has been available before it's release date, but you should find this album in most digital outlets on the 29th. is not a digital outlet, and neither is What I would do is check on the 29th if you are interested!
Ohh, well if it's not an actual cd release and it's just a "digital release", then I will pass on it. I don't buy Wu-Tang related albums anymore unless there is an actual CD available on sites like Amazon and cduniverse. They usually have the titles of upcoming albums up a few weeks before their scheduled release date listed as "Available: and then the scheduled release date".

Wu-Tang has too many cds released if you go buy every little internet album that's available so I have to make up rules like this. So, unfortunately I'll have to pass on this album. But, if you guys ever get real distribution and can afford to press up cds and sell them on amazon and cduniverse, then maybe I'll check you guys out. You may want to try and link with an indie label like Babygrande, Koch, or Nature Sounds and see if you can get a deal with them.

Good luck!

I hope my information helps you in the future to put out a proper album!!!
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