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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

This list for me was more of a guide-line to do reaserch on my own too (as my teacher told me it will) and it did. I started teaching and educating myself too and began to do my own research and found THESE books to also be very helpful:

Know Thyself (Naim Akbar)
Behold A Pale Horse (William Cooper)
The Wu-Tang Manual (The RZA) (gotta put that in there too)
Man, God, & Civilization
The Ruins Of Empires
The Star Of Deep Beginings
Manchild In The Promised Land
Drugs Masquarading As Foods
History: The Human Gamble (Reuven Brenner)
Labyrinths Of Prosperity (Reuven Brenner)
Knowledge For Tomorrow
The Holy Temple Is The Mental
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