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Novel T, thanks for the education! It's amazing to see how many fans on this site are such experts on the industry!

For your information, however, the record label DOES have a major distributor. Given the fact that it's 2008, and CD sales (whether through Amazon- which has seen a drop in physical album sales and has even started a "MP3 Store", or in stores) have been dwindling, it is prudent for companies to target "new media" as a primary source for sales. The fact that artists who don't even go Gold in physical sales go multi-platinum in digital sales gives other people who are "experts in the industry" the common sense to realize digital sales are becoming more and more lucrative- especially given the fact that there is no loss in packaging, manufacture, and therefore no recoupment to the artist.

Furthermore, noone has stated this album will not be released in physical form. It is part of our marketing strategy, and that of our distributors (digital and physical) to release the album in digital form for some time prior to physical (interviews by executive staff can be found on the internet regarding this strategy). Even if we weren't planning on a physical release- THIS IS A COMPILATION, not an individual artist's album. The combination of these two facts- digital release and various artists- makes for a greater payout for all those involved, including artists and featured artists who wouldn't normally make a cent off of compilation album sales (due to recoupment and small royalty percentages for collaborative efforts).

Hey, again, thanks for your profound insight on the industry... but I think we got it under control...

PS. An album's presence on Amazon and Cduniverse is not indicative of a major distribution deal and/or a "proper album". ANYBODY can get a CD sold on Amazon and CDUniverse!

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