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Originally Posted by crass View Post
Mangina is always putting people down on here whenever they question anything about Wu-Latino. And CD sales are dwindling because people can easily download music for free. I think that should be even less of an incentive to release digital albums.
I put people down when they are condescending and assume there is a label presence on this website because we need some advice on how to run a label. We are here to attract fans, not be governed by them. You can't assume to know the inner workings of the industry when you make uneducated comments like "if it's not on Amazon it's not a proper album".

If CD sales were dwindling because it's easy to download music for free, then digital sales would not be rising by triple digit percentages. There are albums (as I stated before) that have sold less than 500 thousand copies, yet multiple singles on those same albums have sold multi-platinum status. Digital sales of a single in the multiplatinum range brings much more revenue to the artist AND the label, and it just makes more sense.

I'm not here to attack "fans", but the people I have responded to negatively are CLEARLY not fans.
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