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its been a hot second , but the god's been ressurected
so he who doesnt know yet, best to show some respect to this veteran
a fuckin wu corp legend, comin with new swords swivel styles ta keep ya guessin
make a fuckin example out of MCs faster than i can make a home made weapon
fuckin up ya lettuce like crops thats infested
with inbred insects that bite my fruits of labour .....then digest it
cause i got that fly shit, timeless classic devine spit
i never hawk loogies in public,,,cause my saliva ages fine like wine bitch
so prove yer not spinless like ectoskeleton rhymers
buggin out on tha mike like don king, wrong ring,,bloody diamonds
Concept left cause he writes tha divinci code slang honestly
i dont always ride my own dick, but my ego keeps trippin n fallin on me
im a cold hearted ,tundra skunk puffin canadian sasquatch thumpin
a head trip for skeptiks that dont belive one man can get this...
nice with free texts ... this literally took me a minute and about three secs
but i dont keep my eyes on clocks or a watch, cause time moves to fast for readers to digest ...the flyest mc that migrated from the east to the west
what a man gotta do?? blow his nose to get blessed
but im a handsome i dont gotta go lookin for sex
GQ typa dude... Gettin Quality head
your a homley lonley homie , cant get brains without payin her bread
typa cat that can only every word that i said
and your number two pencil writes complete shit cause your full of it kid
fuck peelin his wig pullin off his entire head
cause im the wu corp alpha male.....ya best tuck ya tail between ya legs
i hatch new life when i rhyme, you snakes brake then ate eggs
tear up the web so much i crippled your spiders 8 leggs, half steppin in shame , even grizzlies look shook when i bare arms in the woods these days
my style is fuckin dope....but dont even mention an intervention,,, when i flow more than just knowledge sprays ...shit you wont forget like holidays and those good old college days
puffin ebola just so ya know the,, kid cons artists cause im way over they head n shoulders, and id bet that ill get, the rep of bein the sickest in the west , like easy when he caught the germ,tested positive for death ..i couldnt even believe it like dam god...easy left but no one believed that eric was right ,, atleast not right enuff,so he was left to die
cause dien of aids is like fryin up eggs
a slow process of death,,,even chickens feel pain , this is your brain on drugs burnt up after taste
risky like a ten year long binge drinkin strong whisky in a tipsy mind meltin state, town to town like sum gypsies
the apple in my eyes feelin riper,,,,fuckin pie eyed surviver feelin shitier than diapers
pissed off at your bars like lifers at rikers
fuckin with me isnt a crip whos new cell mates a biker
dumb daft british prostitutes sell mates theyre desire
im sewin up the web like a pissed off black widow spider
the wu corp vet got her wet and i dont even liker
but i beat up that pussy like a greek roman fighter
tame the pussy like a tiger till she trained how i liker
cocaine comatose mentality...cause i cant stand her thoughts of reality
plus she cramps my style cause shes constanly menstrating bleeding pretty badly
like a stuck fuckin pig..dieng slow moaning n squeeling
just cause you gluttons are dinning swine with some wine at dinner time this evening
talkin to you simple rhymers is like hanging out with bernie all weekend
tweekin.....geeked out from just reading, this heathen sized beatin i put into words and they hurt as you keep on readin
careful tho,,dont choke when you speakem, cause your under achievin personality isnt fuckin wow'n me
your bars cant hold me back, like that prison break in NBK with mickey n malorie
paint a picture perfect tragedy when typin all of my shits priceless like an egyptian sarcofigus so its obvious i drop curses
thats a no brainer, and if she aint suck dick..... shes werthless
got wu corp shook like old ladies clutchin purses.....big CONCEPT just started tho so watch out all you herb kids
cause even the make a wish foundation aint savin up burn vics
plus the fact your a snake , satisfys my urges of knowing you deserved it
"When I die bury me with the LO on...
Official to the death for all eternity and so on"
Lo Down & Dirty

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